These Barbie Dolls Are So Rare, They’re Worth More Than Your Car

Febriana Ramadhanya

It’s a norm for vintage and limited edition toys to skyrocket in price years after its release. The same thing goes for Barbie dolls, both vintage and new. You will never believe exactly how much these rare and special Barbie dolls cost.

Some of the rare Barbie dolls can even cost as much as a brand new European car but as time goes by, these Barbie dolls will likely hold more value than a sports car. The items below are some of the most expensive and hard-to-get Barbie dolls in the world. They range from vintage, dating back to the very beginning of this iconic toy brand, to some newer ones from the 2010’s.

Lorraine Schwartz Barbie 2010, $7,500

This Barbie doll was the brainchild of the collaboration between Mattel and jewelry designer, Lorraine Schwartz. At a glance, you’d think that this red-haired Barbie is just your run-of-the-mill doll. However, her diamond-encrusted jewelries alone cost more than USD 25,000, or MYR 107,087. It makes the USD 7,500 (MYR 32,126) price tag from the auction seem like a reasonable deal.

Original Barbie 1959, $8,000 - 27,450

Of course, the first-edition version of a widely-popular item will tend to cost a fortune. The Original Barbie was only sold a USD 3.00 by the time it hit the stores in 1959. She came with a simple black and white, striped, one-piece swimsuit with her hair tied in a ponytail. Nowadays, 0you can only find Original Barbie at an auction or sitting prettily in a collector’s shelf. It can cost between USD 8,000 (MYR 34,268) to USD 27,450 (MYR 117,582), depending on the condition of the doll itself.

De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie 1999, $85,000

In 1999, Mattel collaborated with another diamond company De Beers to celebrate their 40th anniversary. De Beers Barbie doll was dressed in a Middle Eastern-inspired clothing, with an orange scarf, a flowy rose skirt, and a rather skimpy brassier. Her jewelry, however, is covered in 160 pieces of diamonds and it was priced at approximately USD 85,000 or MYR 364,097. Before the release of the next two Barbie dolls, she was deemed as the most expensive Barbie doll for quite some time.

Barbie and the Diamond Castle 2008, $95,000

For the release of their feature film, Barbie and the Diamond Castle, Mattel released a special doll to promote the film. Again, from afar, it looks just like a regular Barbie doll with its shiny tiara and pink ball gown. Upon closer inspection, though, you’d find the gown showered with diamonds, 318 of them to be exact. Although this Barbie doll wasn’t for sale, the doll was estimated to worth at least USD 95,000 or MYR 406,932.

Stefano Canturi Barbie 2010, $302,500

Last but definitely did not cost the least, is the Stefano Canturi Barbie doll also released in 2010. It is yet another brainchild of a Mattel/jeweler collaboration; this time, Mattel worked with Australian jewelry designer, Stefano Canturi. Similar to the Lorraine Schwartz Barbie, this one is also clad in a little black dress, making her hand-designed jewelries the center of attraction. The necklace has a combination emerald-cut Australian pink diamonds and three carats of white diamonds. The whole thing costs a whopping USD 302,500 or more than 1 million Ringgit! The good thing is that the profit from the doll all went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

For all collectors and non-collectors out there, this may be a good time to start investing on Barbie dolls. Who knows how much yours will end up costing a few years down the road. What may seem like a regular Barbie doll today can be a valuable investment in the future.

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