The Internet can be a dangerous place with the amount of malware and security-threatening software that are available all over the Internet. Protect yourself while surfing the Internet with Trend Micro’s comprehensive antivirus software. Read more about Trend Micro Malaysia’s antivirus software below.


How to Make Internet Surfing Safer with Trend-Micro Malaysia

The Internet is part and parcel of our everyday lives. Be it for work, research, or leisure purposes; the Internet is one of our primary sources of entertainment or information. Unfortunately, the Internet is also littered with security threats, some which can steal your bank account information and confidential business files. Hence, as a safety precaution, you should always install antivirus software to prevent your personal details and confidential information from being hacked into while surfing the Internet. Trend Micro offers comprehensive antivirus protection software to ensure that you are not vulnerable to these threats.

Five Threats Faced When Surfing the Internet

As aforementioned, there are many security threats and malicious software (malware) that lie in wait for their victims online. These threats come in many forms and can affect your machine in different ways – deleting your files, stealing your data, render files inaccessible, et cetera. Amongst these viruses, the ones that you should watch out for are:

Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse malware, also known simply as Trojan, is one of the most complicated threats present on the Internet. This malware is named Trojan Horse because they have come in disguise as a legitimate software component, a gaming app, or as a notice from a trusted entity such as a bank or the police. Its ability to disguise is the main reason why they are usually downloaded from the Internet by unsuspecting users. Although this malware is not capable of spreading to other systems, they are still very harmful and should not be left alone. A Trojan can cause many types of damage, starting from your own computer to your online accounts.

With Trend Micro’s antivirus software, you can identify if your device has been infected by the Trojan. Trend Micro with House Call, an online virus scan that quickly identifies and fixes a wide range of threats, including the infamous Trojan. Moreover, Trend Micro’s Internet Security is an advanced online protection program that provides comprehensive security measures such as blocking potentially dangerous websites and parental control that enables parents to filter online access for kids.


As the name suggests, spyware is a malware that is designed to spy on someone’s computer to detect their habits. If you are infected by a spyware, your daily online activity and tendencies will be recorded by the spyware and it will inform the host of this malware about it. The reason behind a spyware is for the attacker to track and make use of your Internet habits. For example, if you browse about money management tips for a week every day, the attacker will try to create a related scam to cheat your money.

You can avoid being a victim of spyware attackers by using Trend Micro’s Maximum Security software. It is capable of providing comprehensive protection for multiple devices, from computers to smartphones. This program protects you against spyware by identifying suspicious and dangerous links in websites, emails, and social networking sites before you fall into the trap.


Another form of threat that you should be aware of when surfing the Internet is scareware. The concept behind it is to intimidate or threaten a user to cheat their money. One example of scareware is ransomware. Ransomware is a threat that prevents users from accessing their system, usually by locking the system’s screen or by locking the users’ files. A user can encounter this threat in many ways, by visiting compromised websites, opening attachments on spam emails, or downloaded from malicious pages and fake advertisements. Advanced ransomware which is known as crypto-ransomware, will encrypt certain file types on the infected system. Once the ransomware is activated, the attackers will then force users to pay ransom through designated payment online methods in exchange for a decrypt key.

Trend Micro’s Premium Security Package features the latest anti-ransomware protection to prevent you from being a victim. Moreover, this package also blocks harmful websites to reduce the possibilities of you encountering any forms of malware.

Phishing websites

Many Malaysians have fallen trap to these phishing websites. These are fake websites that are designed to look almost like the actual websites to trick users to using it; to get their information or to cheat their money. Attackers will usually replicate the actual websites of banks and financial institutions, whereby users will enter their username and password into the fake login form. This allows the hosts to steal the identity of your victims, as the information provided will go to the attacker’s controlled server. Upon obtaining your details, they will then assume your identity and use your details to their benefits.

Phishing websites are one of the most widely-used forms of security threats on the Internet. To avoid yourself and your loved ones from being an unfortunate victim, you should get Trend Micro’s Internet Security software. It automatically blocks off suspicious websites to reduce your chances of being exposed to phishing websites. It also comes with email scam safeguarding capabilities and mobile security for both Android and iOS devices.

Fake Antivirus Software

Another popular scam that is revolving within the Internet is fake antivirus software. Knowing that Internet users will be worried if they are informed that their devices are infected with malware, these attackers will create bogus antivirus software to trick these users into buying them. These fake antivirus programs will inform the users that their devices are infected with a virus and must be cleaned immediately, which leads users to purchase the bogus antivirus which does nothing.

To not become a victim of fake antivirus programs, one should not simply purchase or download antivirus programs from any website except the official website of the antivirus provider. Otherwise, you can also purchase them from trusted and reputable retailers and distributors such as Lazada Malaysia, as they sell the original software programs provided by the manufacturers themselves. You can also check out McAfee Malaysia and Norton Malaysia for alternative antivirus providers.