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3D Puzzles

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Looking for toys that can stimulate your children’s brain cells and improve their creativity? Then you should check out the 3D puzzle toys that are featured on iPrice. Get your children these creative 3D toys at the best rates, only at iPrice Malaysia. More information is provided below.

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3D Puzzles – Combining Fun and Education in One Toy

We have surely come across some form of puzzle toys during our childhood days. From jigsaw puzzles to 3D puzzles, these puzzle toys made our childhood so exciting and nostalgic. The best feeling is the sense of utter satisfaction and pride when you are able to finish the puzzle completely. Puzzle toys, especially 3D puzzles are liked by children because they will be able to see the result of their long and hard work piecing the pieces together. Not to mention, 3D puzzles are fun to build with their vibrant colours and intricate designs.

3D Puzzles as Toys with Educational Value

3D puzzles are not merely just toys to entertain children, but they can actually provide many indirect educational values to children. 3D puzzle toys bring allows children to explore their imagination and creativity to complete the jigsaw. Moreover, 3D puzzle toys enable childrens’ comprehension skills to improve as well, as they will need to understand the manuals and guidelines provided in order to successfully assemble the puzzle. 3D puzzle toys also improve their problem-solving skills, especially when they need to figure out which pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Not only are 3D puzzles effective in building childrens’ cognitive development, they also encourage children to inculcate positive values such as patience, perseverance and determination. Based on our childhood experience, we know fully that there is no easy way out when it comes to 3D puzzles. Completing a 3D puzzle can easily consume many hours at a time. A lot of effort needs to be put in to assemble the pieces together as there will be a lot of trial-and-error involved. These skills mention above are essential in building their character and behavior, which without a doubt will be an integral part of their process of growing up.

Common 3D Puzzles

Nowadays, 3D puzzles come in many forms and can be quite commonly found in Malaysia, even online at many online merchants! Although there are many types of 3D puzzles available, the ones that are most sought after are architectural 3D puzzles. These architectural 3D puzzles are usually in the form of an assortment of buildings such as houses, skyscrapers and monuments. These puzzles will pose a challenge to your children as a lot of effort and time needs to be invested in order to complete them as they have many intricate parts and pieces.

Your children will definitely have a great time trying to piece the puzzle together, but who says only they can have all the fun? Join your children to complete the puzzle together for some special parent-children bonding time! Some of these architectural puzzle pieces are exact replicas of well-known monuments and buildings, which can serve as an indirect history lesson for your children as well.

Get Affordable 3D Puzzles on iPrice!

You can get a variety of 3D puzzles online on many merchants and stores at affordable prices, such as those featured on iPrice. Starting from RM9.50 upwards, get your children some 3D puzzles and let your child explore his creativity. If you are also interested to search for more puzzle toys, then click here to gain access to all the puzzle toys available on iPrice!