Playing in the outdoors is just as important as playing and learning indoors. Allowing your kids to experience the outdoors on their own lets them have first-hand learning. They will also know the environment better and gain communication skills with other kids.


Outdoor Play

Let your kids enjoy the great outdoors!

Playing is very important to children, as it is not only a form of entertainment for them but also a learning process. Indoor toys stimulate and teach them a lot, especially about shapes, colors, words, and more. However, nothing is better than letting your child roam free in the outdoors and experiencing the world first-hand themselves.

Teaching your kids is a great method of allowing them to learn, but at the end of the day, the first-hand experience that they get is undoubtedly the best form of learning they will receive.

Benefits of letting your children play in the outdoors

  • The exposure to the environment such as the dirt and soil at a young age actually helps our kids to have stronger resistance to diseases. The exposure to the bacteria and viruses helps the immune system to develop better.
  • Sunlight is the best way to get Vitamin D, so what better way to have increased Vitamin D in your kid than to have them go to the outdoors?
  • Playing in the outdoors reduces stress. Kids don't face same issues as adults, but they do feel their own standard of stress. Instead of pampering them with food or toys, let them head in the sun to play!
  • Allowing your kids to go out and play also increases their fitness and contributes to a healthy body and lifestyle.
  • As they go about playing outside, swinging on the monkey bar and what not, their motor skills and physical coordination will also improve.
  • They can also learn more about the environment such as the plants and animals as they interact outdoors, gaining knowledge day by day.

Outdoor Play Equipment

There are many different outdoor play equipment out there for your kids to use. Sporting, toy castles, and playgrounds are common outdoor equipment for kids. Sporting equipment such as roller blades and skateboards lets your kids learn a lot of motor skills as they can roam around a park or playground.

There are also self-assembly playgrounds that the parents can put in their backyard or garden. A self-assembly playground is much safer than a public playground, but at the expense of size. Larger and older kids will not be able to play with these self-assembly playgrounds.

Tips on letting your kid play outdoors

  • If it is in a public area, make sure your kid is within view at all times.
  • If safety is a very huge concern, it is a good investment to look into purchasing outdoor toys and self-assembly playgrounds for your kids in your own backyard.
  • If you are buying your kids roller blades, roller skates, or skateboards, do remember to get them some protection gear such as knee and elbow guards too.
  • It's okay for them to get dirty in the dirt or mud, it's part of the experience.
  • Join them in their playtime outdoors.