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Drawing Boards

2,334 Products

Introduce your child to the beautiful and colouful world of drawing with the best drawing stationery and accessories online at iPrice Malaysia. Click here to find out more.

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Develop Your Child’s Mental Growth with Drawing

As a child is growing up, it is important to nurture your child by exposing them to different creative outlets such as music and arts for to develop their creativity and imagination in a fun way. Your children might have hidden talents that could be unveiled by exposing them to these creative avenues. One of the best ways to enable them to exercise their imagination is by encouraging them to draw.

Benefits of Drawing for Children

Drawing is a way to encourage your children to express themselves freely and creatively. Sometimes, it is hard for parents to comprehend what a child is thinking or feeling, so drawing can be a way for us to understand our child better. Besides improving their creativity, drawing also offers the following benefits to your child:

  1. Improving their fine motor skills as drawing requires them to be meticulous and pay attention to details
  2. Build self-confidence to express themselves creatively.
  3. Increase their ability to observe the world around them.
  4. Improve their focus and concentration

Drawing and Painting Tools

Drawing is a good and safe way for children to create alternate realities. They might think that a chicken has four legs or that an elephant is purple in colour, but sometimes rather than correcting them or scolding them, you can just allow them to follow their thoughts and then teach them at a later time. Drawing tools and accessories can be quite pricy at times, but with iPrice Malaysia, you are now able to search through a wide array of affordable drawing stationery and accessories to give your child. Here are some tools that you can get your children:

  • Pastels (crayons)
  • Colour pencils
  • Drawing and colouring books
  • Erasable White Boards for Drawing and Colouring

Drawing is For Everyone

Drawing is an activity that can be done by almost everyone. From young to old, there is barely any limitation that prevents you from drawing and expressing yourself. When you go an art exhibition or an art bazaar, you may find individuals from all walks of life showcasing their drawings proudly. Drawing can also be a form of therapy and relaxation, to temporary distract yourself away from all the stress you are facing daily. When you are feeling stressed out, just grab a pencil and start drawing or doodling and you will find yourself feeling better afterwards.

Where to Get Drawing Supplies Online in Malaysia

Drawing supplies are quite common in Malaysia. Most shops that sell stationery and bookstores will sell some form of art supplies as well. For those who might be too busy to visit these shops and look for a specific brand or type of drawing supply, fret not – iPrice features a wide range of drawing supplies that you can find online, via these merchants:

  1. EachBuyer
  2. GearBest
  3. Lazada
  4. Mini in the Box
  5. Qoo10
  6. Shoppu

Nurture your children by encouraging them to express themselves creatively with the variety of drawing supplies and toys available on iPrice Malaysia at best prices. Who knows, your child might be an up-and-coming Picasso!