Building toys in the form of blocks are part of our childhood. They are both enjoyable and educational toys that should be passed down to our future generation. Check out iPrice’s range of block toys here. Read more about building toys below.

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Building Block Toys as Building Blocks for Your Child’s Growth

Unlike children nowadays with access to phone tablets and game consoles, one of the main sources of entertainment during our childhood days were toys. Whether they were building blocks, puzzles, or dolls, these toys accompanied us during our most tender years. Amongst these toys, one of the most common toys was building blocks.

Grow Your Child’s Creativity and Imagination with Building Block Toys

When you reflect and think back to the yesteryears, you will notice that almost every child had at least a set of building blocks toys. These are the toys that enabled us to channel our creativity and imagination, to let our mind free and build anything that we thought of – even if they did not really made sense in reality! Playing with these Building block toys was the stepping stone that moulded and expanded our creativity and imagination that we are so grateful for today.

What makes Building block toys not only enjoyable, but also educational for your children? First off, when they are playing with the blocks they will subconsciously improve their logical reasoning. They will learn that a stable structure needs a stable foundation or that the higher parts of the structure should not be heavier than the bottom, otherwise it will topple and all their efforts in building it will be wasted. Their logical reasoning skills will improve as they progressively play with these building blocks.

Playing with building blocks also increases your child’s concentration skills. Some of the building blocks come with manuals that guide your children on how to assemble the blocks together to form the desired model. Thus in order to perfectly complete the desired model, they will need to pay attention – even to the tiniest of details. These are critical skills are best learnt by your child while they are still young, as this is the time when what they learn will ultimately shape their characteristics and mindset.

Types of Building Block Toys Available on iPrice Malaysia

From night market stalls to major shopping centres and nowadays even online (on iPrice Malaysia!), toy building toys are quite common in Malaysia. On iPrice Malaysia alone, we feature more than 1200 Building block toys on our designated pages for you to choose from. From household names such as LEGO to other brands, you have a wide variety of Building block toys to choose from for your children.

Some interesting Building block toys include nanoblocks, which are small building blocks that are about half the size of a standard building block. As nanoblocks are small in size, they are capable of creating more detailed and smaller projects than regular building blocks, thus increasing the difficulty to build the projects. Some of the more common nanoblock projects available are well-known characters such as Iron Man, Wolverine, Batman and other comic book characters.

Find Affordable Building Block Toys at iPrice Malaysia

Your children will definitely spend hours trying to complete the projects with the building block toys. Give your children these building block toys that will challenge their creativity and are enjoyable at the same time. Look through our range of building block toys here on iPrice as we help you compare the prices between merchants for you to get the best value!