For many psychologists, childhood greatly influences growth and development into adulthood. What your child experiences today may have a great impact on their adult life. Among the best ways to build character, enhance imagination, and cater to your child's social skills is through toys, playing, and activities. Check out our selection of toys that you can play with your kids or read more about its impacts below.

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The Importance of Toys and Activities for your Kids

Your child is at a crucial stage in his or her life. From birth to pre-adolescents, your kids are at a constant growth and development process both physically, mentally, and emotionally. As parents, it is our responsibility to nurture them and provide them with everything they need to harness this growth. Among the best way you can do that is through play. Playing in children not only provides entertainment but also enhances their creativity, problem-solving skills, and even social development. Playing and activities provide a means for your child to learn and explore the world

How Playing can Influence a Child's Development

Physical Development

Play greatly influences motor and physical development in kids. From physical feats such as walking, running, dancing, skipping, and even swimming to small tasks such as writing or doodling, play allows natural progression of motor development. Moreover, the physical aspect of play is also valuable in a child's realistic physical perceptions, self-control, confidence, and ability to manage their emotions. Not only that, play also enhances muscle growth and lowers risk of joint or muscular illnesses such as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. So, the next time your child asks you to play outside alone or with friends, remember that play helps with a child's physical development.

Creative Development

Aside from physical development, children also enhance their creativity and imagination during play. According to the founder of Psychoanalysis and revered psychologists Sigmund Freud, children behave similar to writers.They create a world of their own or rearrange things within this world to whichever pleases them. In as simple as recognizing shapes and symbols, children are able to create internal imagery and stimulate curiosity. Creativity is important in a child's development because it holds the key to cognition, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Encourage your children to draw, doodle, recognize shapes, paint, etc. this way you would be able to enhance their creativity.

Different Activities that you can do with your Child

Playing and activities can come in many different ways. Encourage your children to be more active and to play with great toys and activities that you and your child can both enjoy. Here are some of the many ways you and your child can play together:

  • Play Pretend - Dressing up and playing pretend with your child is an enjoyable way to spend time with them. You can play dress up and play pretend in various sort of ways such as Pretend play tea parties, toy kitchen sets, play doctor, and so much more.
  • Ride On Toys - Another great way to spend time with your kids is through ride on toys. Cars, trucks, horses, and rockers are some of many ride-on toys you can buy for your kids.
  • Puzzles - Puzzles are a great way to enhance your child's critical thinking and help them recognize shapes and patterns. There are a great selection of puzzles today such as jigsaw and floor puzzles.
  • Doodle Boards - If you want your child to be more in touch with their creative side, the best way to do that is through doodle boards. There area great deal of doodle boards to choose from such as magnetic, white or blackboards, and so much more!

Playing and activities provide more than just entertainment for your kids. Encourage your children to play with the latest toys and activities in the Philippines!