Toyota has innovated the Corolla line by leaps and bounds in the past decade or so. Enter the all-new Toyota Altis – Toyota’s flagship midrange sedan. Now with stunning looks and irresistible features, everyone wants one. Find out more about this awesome car here.

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4 Reasons Why Toyota Altis The Best Mid-sized Car

We’ve all heard of Toyota’s incredible value for money. Particularly in the in the mid-sized segment, its line of Corolla cars have always created the perfect machines for your daily drive, sporty drive, as well as a good base for those wanting to learn more on car modification. This alone is enough to convince many that Toyota Corollas are worth getting. But the Corolla Altis offers much more! In Malaysia, you will find many drivers, both young and old, who love their Toyota Altis. Let’s look at 4 reasons why the Altis is such a favourite.

Fuel Economy

Japanese cars are known to have smaller engines compared to continental cars. The same can be said about the Corolla models. In particular, the Altis comes with an incredibly fuel-efficient 1.6L engine standard on the latest model in Malaysia. For other countries such as Australia and the US, the engine has larger variants such as 1.8L and 2.0L. the DUAL VVT-i engine is paired with a 4-speed automatic gearbox while the CVT-i is paired with a 7-speed automatic. Like all other Toyota Corolla cars, the Altis gives you incredible mileage to go along with the power and torque.


Safety is also one of the biggest concerns here in Malaysia. As accidents are frequent, we need our cars to have all the safety measures in place. Rest assured, the Altis lives up to its name as a safe and reliable car. Some of the safety features present in the latest Altis are as follows:

  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Vehicle Stability Control (VBS)
  • Traction Control
  • SRS Airbags (7 Airbags for driver, passenger, curtain, side and driver knee)
  • Parking sensors
  • Seat belts (both in front and rear)

Amid all the safety features, you also get security features such as an alarm system. You are given 2 remote control units along with an immobiliser, siren, cabin sensors and tilt sensors. You won’t have to worry about car thefts.

Practical for the whole Family

As the Altis is a 4-door sedan, it is perfect for the whole family. Its practicality and user-friendly build allow you to fit 5 people comfortably. You get controls on your steering for the driver to choose the settings of the audio-visual system and GPS. All the comforts of today’s cars is present. You get power windows, bucket-type leather power seats, cupholders, lamps on the interior (including in the glovebox), push start, and automatic Electro Chromic Mirror on the top line models. Even the steering wheel is leather-wrapped for that premium grip. You will enjoy every part of the Altis’ finish.

Visually Stunning

The days of Toyota being a boxy, ugly car have long gone. The Altis of today features a streamlined, sleek, futuristic look. With stretched headlamps that curve towards the sides of the front of the car, a playful, thin grill at the front, an optional body kit, and a wider, more aggressive stance compared to its older sibling, the new Toyota Altis is a marvel to look at. Now you can travel in style, comfort, and elegance.

Now that you know more about the Toyota Corolla Altis, you can also check out its other siblings such as the Vios, Camry, or go green with the Prius.

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