Enjoy the great outdoors with exciting bicycles from Totem Malaysia! Made from the finest materials, Totem is dedicated to providing top quality bicycles to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a cool mountain bike or a BMX, or simply searching for a beginner bike, Totem has the right wheels for you. Check out the hottest items from Totem Malaysia below or click here to know more about the brand.


Be Adventurous with Totem Malaysia

If you are looking for an adventure, then it’s time to hop on a bike! Whether long or short distances, going on a bike ride is a great form of exercise that let’s you explore, be free, and stay fit. There are all sorts of ways you can ride a bike, from BMX, freestyling, mountain biking, racing, etc., regardless of how you ride your bike, Totem Malaysia will bring you the hottest bikes that would suit your lifestyle.

About Totem Malaysia

If you love to ride a bike, then you have heard about Totem Malaysia. Totem is one of the many popular brands that sell a multitude of different bikes that everyone can enjoy. From kids to adults, to urban riders to racers, a Totem bike is definitely a must-have. Under Tianjin Wheel Group based in Beijing, China, the brand constantly yearns to improve their line of bikes, down to the smallest parts. The brand also caters to every type of biker with their dedicated line of bikes including mountain bikes, BMX, road, folding, hybrid, and even kids bikes. Totem is all about providing top quality bikes for individuals of all ages and bike riding skills.

About Tianjin Wheel Group

Tianjin Wheel Group or otherwise known as Golden Wheel Group is one of the biggest manufacturers of bikes in Southeast Asia. They are well known for their bike brands including Totem, MODE, uPland, and NFS. With their company principle “Quality first, integrity foremost”, the company is able to produce top quality bikes with strict management on every process. To keep their production line up to date, the company has 4,500 employees at their disposal with 26 branch factories and 46 production lines. For Tianjin, creating bicycles is a serious matter, ensuring that every bike is produced with utmost regard for quality, durability, and speed.

Different types of bikes from Totem

Bikes can come in all shapes and sizes depending on what the rider wants. If you want speed, then a lighter, more agile bike like a racing bike would do, if you are looking for a bike for a nice ride on a trail or by the woods, then a mountain bike would be perfect for you. Totem has a wide array of bikes that would suit the way you ride.

Mountain bikes

If you are looking for a bike with great suspension and can withstand a speedy run on a mountain trail or by the road, then a Mountain bike would definitely suit you. What makes it different from other bikes is the suspension and distinct frame built for speed and agility. Totem Malaysia has a wide array of mountain bikes that would suit your needs like the Totem T15B201 which gives you the ultimate edge when raging the trail.

Jump/Urban bikes

Made for exploring the concrete jungle of the city, jump or urban bikes are designed with thick wheels for shock absorption when jumping or when doing tricks plus high-tension suspension. With a jump bike, you can perform tricks such as wheelies and bunny hops and you can also switch gears depending on your speed. If you are looking for an urban bike from Totem, you can check out the Totem T15B301 with a lightweight alloy frame, 26”x2.3 tires designed for maximum impact.

Road bikes

If you love speed and gaining more of it while riding your bike, then a Totem road bike like the Totem T15B401 would suit you. What makes these bikes different is their lightweight frame and design which helps decrease drag and help you gain more speed. Another thing about road bikes is their thin tires which lessens friction while on the road. The seat is also situated higher than normal bikes so that the rider can “tuck” for less wind resistance and maximum speed.

Hybrid bikes

If you want the best of both worlds in terms of speed and agility, then a hybrid bike is perfect for you. It combines the speed of touring and road bikes and flexibility of a mountain bike. To put it simply, hybrid bikes are all purpose bikes that can tolerate any condition, making it a perfect bike for beginners, casual, and all-around riders. Designed for comfort and performance, a hybrid bike like the Totem T15B501 is definitely a must-have.

Folding bikes

Folding bikes are now growing more and more popular because of its main feature which is its ability to be folded into half its size. It is ideal for individuals who have less storage space but still want to make riding and biking a hobby. Because of its size, you can take your folding bikes anywhere you go, however, compared to other bikes on the list, this bike is suited more on roads and pavements of the city than on a mountain trail. If you want a top quality folding bike, then check out Totem’s T15B701.

Shop for Totem bikes online

Biking and riding are a great form of transportation and exercise. Not only that, you are also helping the environment and your budget for gas. Totem Malaysia brings you a wide array of bikes from mountain bikes, urban, folding, hybrid, and racing bikes that would suit your needs. Click here and check out our wide selection of Totem bikes online.