Televisions have come a long way since its black-and-white days. With the advancement of modern technology, televisions produced today can deliver clear and immersive visual quality to users. LED televisions are one of the results of the modernisation of televisions. Read more about Toshiba Malaysia’s LED televisions below.


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Understanding the Benefits of Toshiba Malaysia’s LED TVs

LED TVs are being marketed widely as the latest-and-greatest flat-screen TV available today. However, with so many jargons and technical terms used, one might not necessarily know the advantages of owning a LED TV. LED televisions offer several advantages over both conventional LCD and plasma models. Toshiba Malaysia also offers a generous number of LED TVs for its Malaysian consumers to choose from. Hence, here is a guide to help you understand more about the benefits of LED TVs before you decide to purchase one from Toshiba.

What Are LED TVs

To know about the benefits offered by LED TVs, you need to first know what is defined as a LED TV. A LED TV is an LCD TV that is illuminated from behind with LEDs instead of the standard cold-cathode fluorescent lights. There are typically two types of LED-backlit LCD TVs: Edge-lit and full array. As the name suggests, edge-lit LED TVs are designed with a row of light-emitting diodes around the perimeter. On the other hand, full array LED televisions to contain a panel of LED lights that are placed behind the screen that illuminates the entire image.

Increased Colour Accuracy

Compared to conventional LCD models, LED-backlit televisions are known to offer more accurate colour reproduction. This means that the colours of the images are richer and more vivid, making them comparable to its plasma counterparts. To stand out from its competitors, Toshiba's LED TVs are further equipped with CEVO Engine technology that delivers accurate colour, picture, and texture reproduction to ensure better viewing pleasure. Experience a new level of gaming and binging on your favourite shows with Toshiba LED TVs.

Better Energy Efficiency

Another advantage offered by Toshiba’s LED-backlit TVs is that they are more energy efficient than conventional LCD TVs. Having better energy efficiency means that less electricity is converted into heat, hence reducing heat output. Moreover, increased energy efficiency also means that owners can save more money on electric bills.

Svelte and Lightweight Build

LED-backlighting TVs tend to be thinner and lighter than standard televisions; the same goes to Toshiba LED TVs. Not only do they provide superior image quality, these televisions also sport a simplistic yet stylish design. These TVs’ up-to-date design can add more sophistication to the interior of your home. Moreover, the thin and light design makes Toshiba LED TVs ideal to be mounted on walls.

Improved Sound Quality

Besides providing an excellent visual appeal, Toshiba makes sure that your television experience is made complete with the best sound quality. The Pro Theatre series of televisions feature 10W + 10W speakers that provide a wide range of dynamic sounds. These speakers bring a more wholesome experience to users. Toshiba Malaysia also equips its LED televisions with the Digital TV technology to further accentuate the sound quality delivered.