Toshiba washing machines are popular appliances that wash and clean your clothes. But just like any appliance, these laundry machines go through the process of wear or aging. If you want to keep your Toshiba washing machine in mint condition, here are tips to keep in mind.

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5 Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Toshiba Washing Machine

Like drying machines and any other home appliance, Toshiba washing machines are indispensable appliances every home needs. They do the washing and cleaning of your clothes for day-to-day wear. However, they inevitably undergo wear and tear like most machines would. Fortunately, it can be slowed down by following this short list of tips.

Do daily maintenance

To dry the dampness out of the machine after washing clothes, keep its door open to let moisture in. Doing so not only removes the dampness but also gets rid of the musty smell inside the machine’s tub. Also, if you have washed a load of dirty and greasy clothes, make sure to clean the walls of the tub afterward to avoid the slimy build-up.

Clean the tub’s interiors

Your machine can’t clean itself so you need to take care of it and clean it after using. If your machine comes with a detachable lint filter, remove it and take out the lint that is accumulated from your garments. Overlooking this simple procedure can result to garments having a layer of fuzz on them.

Also, do not forget to get rid of the detergent build up from the tub and the grease caused by washing greasy garments. To remove the dirt from your tub, just run it on a hot setting with water and 2 cups of vinegar. Make sure to do this at least once in 3 months so the tub and outlet pipe is clean and free from dirt and residue.

Avoid putting too much detergent

Many people have the habit of putting a lot of detergent in order to get spotless garments. Once they see dirt and grease on the clothes, they fill the tub with too much detergent. This can end up accumulating a layer of detergent residue that clogs in the water pipes as well as damaging the clothes.

Use the right wash setting

Many washing machines today come with 3 types of wash setting that includes normal, medium, and strong. For an average pile of dirty clothes, go for the normal setting. If you have a heap of stained baby clothes, choose the medium setting. Select the strong setting only when you see a lot of grease and dirt on the clothes. The reason why it’s important to choose the right setting depending on the amount of clothes is to protect the machine from damage as well as your clothes.

Do not overstuff the tub with clothes

Overstuffing the tub with a lot of garments can exert too much pressure on the machine which can result in overheating. Not to mention, it will end up in slow or no spinning at all. But if the need for washing heavy loads arises, then turn the setting to heavy if the machine comes with such option. Doing so will fill the tub with a large amount of water so your garments will come out smelling good and spotless.