Toshiba is not only known for its quality refrigerators and washing machines but also for its convenient cookers. If you are having a tough time choosing the right model, scroll down below to know more about the different types of cookers.

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Top Toshiba Cookers Price List 2019

Top 10 products Price Store
Toshiba RC-18NMFIM RM 58.90 Lazada
Toshiba RC18NMF RM 319.00 Youbeli
Toshiba RC-10NMFIM RM 29.90 Lazada
Toshiba RC-T18FSIM RM 186.00 Lazada
Toshiba HGN-6DIM RM 209.00 Lazada
Toshiba RC-18RHIM RM 699.00 Lazada
Toshiba RC-18NAFIM RM 299.00 Shopee
Toshiba Rice Cooker RC-18NMF1M RM 287.00 Lazada
Toshiba Digital Rice Cooker-Brown(1.8L) RM 300.00 Lazada
Toshiba Rice Cooker RC-18NMF1M RM 293.00 Lazada
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Toshiba RC-18NMFIM

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Different Types of Toshiba Cookers and How to Choose Them

Toshiba cookers are convenient appliances that allow you to cook some of your favorite meals. They come in many different types, each has its own applications and features. If you want something that can cook other meals besides rice, then you need to get a specific type of cooker. To help you choose, here are the various types of cookers and their features.

On/off cookers

They are one of the most convenient cookers out there since you don’t have to keep watch until the rice is cooked. Once the rice is done, the cooker’s switch automatically goes to the off position. This works pretty much the same as other rice cookers that have a light that indicates if it is done. In addition, it doesn’t normally come with a non-stick pan or a steamer unit but if you only want to cook rice, then this is the right cooker for you.

Cook-and-keep-warm cookers

These cookers come with a warming mechanism that lowers the heat when the rice is cooked then keeps it to a warm temperature. The duration depends on how much rice you are cooking; the more rice, the longer it will take to warm. If you want to shut it off, you need to unplug it. If you’re looking for the best cook-and-keep-warm cooker, choose one that has a non-stick pan so that it will be easy to clean. Another feature to look out for is a clear glass or plastic lid that enables you to see the rice inside the cooker.

Electronic cookers

These work pretty much the same as cook-and-keep-warm cookers; the only difference is that they provide a longer duration for warming for up to 12 hours. Their capacity is ideal for households that eat plenty of rice all day. Also, some models are equipped with steamer trays that you can place above the rice so you can steam fish and vegetables. So, if you are in the market for a flexible cooker, then look for one that has such feature.

Fuzzy Logic Cookers

They are integrated with computer chips that enable the cooker to properly adjust its temperature and cooking time. The chip also allows the cooker to function in a more human way. As a result, the cooker can make judgment calls to ensure the rice is properly cooked. There are two types of fuzzy logic cookers: the basic and the induction-heating.

Basic Fuzzy-Logic

This type of cooker comes with a great setting that lets you cook soup, porridge, brown rice, and even sushi rice. It works great but often comes at a steep price, so if you have a limited budget then this is not the perfect machine for you. Moreover, other variants come with a reheat cycle that lets you warm the rice in just about 5 minutes and keeps the heat. Select a model that has this feature so you can reheat rice anytime you want.


This is the premium variant of cookers. It comes with an induction system that makes up for your measuring errors to ensure you get well-cooked rice. Aside from the regular white rice, these cookers can excellently cook other kinds. What’s more, other models come with a quick cook function that skips soak time and goes right to the cooking process. This feature is something you should look out for when buying fuzzy logic cookers.