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Toshiba is a name known for awesome innovations in electronics and household appliances. The epitome of Japanese quality and attention to detail, Toshiba has provided electrical appliances that enhance our life. From TVs to washing machines to external hard drive storage equipment, Toshiba is an all-rounded company that emphasizes superiority in merchandise. With experience in the industry spanning more than a century, Toshiba has developed products over time to make your life easier.

Toshiba’s latest technology

Although more often known for its home appliances, Toshiba’s line of recent electronics have proved to be a step above other brands. In particular, Toshiba laptops are a hot selling item among both the young and old. As the computer age is dawning, Toshiba laptops keep up with updated with technology connecting us to the world outside, Toshiba Ultrabooks provide the perfect solution for work or play. With a simple budget of RM3000 you could own an Ultrabook. Go for the higher end Toshiba Ultrabook is you have a bigger budget.

Toshiba is also known for its external storage accessories. The more common Toshiba storage comes in the form of external hard drives. Toshiba external hard drives can go up to 2TB of storage space, giving you the added memory you need to carry out all your activities. Be on the lookout for USB stick flash drives. Portable and fast, these little fellas make good tools to carry your stored data around without bulky devices.

Check out all of Toshiba’s range of products and accessories to customize your user experience. Get all your electrical and electronics with Toshiba today.

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Looking for high quality electronics with simplicity and functionality? Toshiba’s range of products will give you what you want. Whatever your lifestyle, Toshiba has a product for you.

Toshiba Malaysia - Hello Tosh, Got A Toshiba?

A brand that conquers a variety of niches is a strong and successful brand. Toshiba has overcome many obstacles in the past 135 years and diversified its fields to industrial engineering, medical, information technology (IT), and personal use. Closer to us, Toshiba laptops, high definition televisions, hard drive storage, refrigerators and other home appliances make an impact in our lives. Toshiba, the Japanese manufacturer of electronics, has for over 135 years strived to create machines are simple, easy to use while efficient.

Toshiba Malaysia - Towards Technology & Innovation

When choosing a laptop, we are faced with endless possibilities through countless brands in the market. Questions like the brand, type, features and whether it will fit your own personal lifestyle and fashion sense suddenly come to mind. These are all questions we tend to ask. This scenario is not unique to laptop shopping but applies for all electronic devices. Albeit the long, strenuous search for suitable gadgets, one brand brings you a line of machines and creative solutions to your work and play.

Toshiba’s image as a world leader in technology is still as fresh as when it first began. For more than a century, Toshiba was at the center of new technologies and still is. The two geniuses behind the first few inventions of the Toshiba legacy are Tanaka Hisashige and Ichisuke Fujioka. Toshiba is a word-play combination of Tokyo Shibaura Denki, which means Toshiba Shibaura Electric. Starting with telegraph equipment in 1875, Toshiba pioneered some new inventions which include the Radar, TAC computer, colour video phone, the Japanese word processor, MRI systems, X-ray tubes and the laptop personal computer and High-Definition DVD.

Toshiba Malaysia - Got The World In Its Hands

One sure way to know if a brand is internationally known is to look into its sponsorship and partnership deals with events and other companies. Toshiba has sponsored quite a few events, but more recently took sponsorship of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Toshiba has also made its name big in the football world. Toshiba was official sponsor of the previous two FIFA World Cup's in Germany and Japan and South Korea. Such is the popularity and power of Toshiba that it was able to sponsor the world’s biggest football championship. It is even more remarkable that Toshiba was able to sponsor the highly famed FIFA World Cup for two times.

Philanthropy has been one of the main priority on Toshiba’s list. Its aim to demonstrate its pledge to people and the future through contributions, charitable supports and employee volunteer programs just in the US alone are many. In New York, Toshiba shows its support for cultural institutions such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Further south, Toshiba brought in help in for the areas affected by hurricane Katrina by providing up to $1 million in proceeds. Toshiba also provided Tablet PCs for studies in biodiversity in St. Louis. Ever dedicated to its corporate social responsibility, Toshiba believes in contributing and giving back to the society by supporting various charity and social initiatives.

Partnering with Tsinghua University in China, Toshiba formed a research facility that concentrates on environment and energy conservation. This research facility studied and developed technologies that can better protect the environment as well as stopping global warming. Not only that, Toshiba also researched ways to reduce waste and pollution especially from electrical appliances.

Toshiba Malaysia - Leading Innovation

Been there, done that: As one of the leading brand, Toshiba has designed and manufactured many products in areas such as home appliances, electronics, data storage units and many more. This means Toshiba has definitely accumulated great amount of expertise and experience in designing products with assured quality and performance. So, you need not to worry over its reliability.
Got a Toshiba? Truly iconic, Toshiba is reputable and established brand that many people can readily recognise this household name, even if you have never used them before.
Committed to the cause: Toshiba is so committed in its corporate social responsibility that it has contributed countless effort, expertise and expenses in building a better tomorrow especially in terms of energy conservation and preserving the environment. Needless, you will find Toshiba products to be more friendly to environment as well as creating less waste and pollution while having better performance and reliability.

Popular Toshiba Malaysia Products

Toshiba HD LED TV

Toshiba Full HD LED TV is definitely personal favourite in many homes all over the world. Equipped with USB compatible features, the HD LED television offers a simple plug and play system for USB devices. Hook up your DVD players, hard drive storage and even a PlayStation or an Xbox for an awesome movie or gaming experience. From 40” and above, the vibrant colours tickle your visual senses.

Toshiba Notebook & Chromebook

Toshiba provides you with compact and portable solutions for your convenience in its laptops that range from the Toshiba Satellite HD Notebooks to the sleek and sexy Chromebook.

Toshiba Data Storage

For data storage, choose from a variety of flash drives, SD and MicroSD cards to suit your preferred storage capacity. Toshiba MicroSD cards are very popular with photographers and mobile phone users. For those that are looking for bigger storage capacity, Toshiba hard drive storage units are the perfect tools to store your saved data. Besides being portable, Toshiba hard drive units stores large amount of data with their large storage capacity. For example, Toshiba Canvio Connect II comes with 2TB of storage space; now you do not need to worry about your back up files. This awesome portable external hard drive is also available in several cool colours to suit your style and preference. Toshiba also produces internal hard drives to support your powerful desktops.

Toshiba Camera

Toshiba also has durable cameras, like the Camileo BW 10 Full HD Waterproof camera. Built compact and sturdy, the Camileo BW10 is waterproof and can withstand a rough-and-tough type of lifestyle. Besides these, Toshiba has lots more to offer, taking you to heights of technological advancement and solution with Toshiba surveillance camera. Whether the usual mini dome or wall mounted configuration, Toshiba surveillance camera is ready for deployment in areas that are susceptible to tampering and vandalism as they are robust and tough.

Other Toshiba Products

  • Toshiba Washing Machine
  • Toshiba Portable Radio
  • Toshiba Vacuum Cleaner
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