You do not have to compromise style for function with Tory Burch sling bags in Malaysia. Click here to read more about ways you can wear your Tory Burch sling bag.


Ways to wear your Tory Burch sling bag

Sling bags are the ideal accessories that are often used during music festivals, travelling, sightseeing and much more. Most Tory Burch sling bags come with either a leather strap or a chain strap or a combination of both which is usually long enough to hang it over your shoulders and across your body. Moreover, it is a bag that offers better security compared to other bags as it is tougher to grab the bag with it being across your body. It is a hands-free kind of bag which is easy to carry around. Here are ways you can wear your Tory Burch sling bag.

On a night out

Being a woman is troublesome particularly if you want to party the night away because carrying around a handbag would be a hassle. Thus, carrying a sling bag would be the best option. However, it would be advisable to opt for a smaller bag such as the Tory Burch ‘Fleming’ small convertible shoulder bag or the Tory Burch ‘Harper’ leather flat wallet crossbody bag. This is why the sling bag is the perfect bag to carry on a night out.


As travelling or sightseeing requires a lot of walking, the last thing you would want to worry about is having to lug your heavy bag around. Depending on the country you are travelling in, security is important. Therefore, pick a sling bag with many compartments such as the Tory Burch ‘Half-Moon’ small stripe print leather satchel or the Tory Burch scout nylon messenger baby bag. So, for your next travel adventure simply opt for a crossbody bag to pack your essentials.

Handling kids

There are times when you need to keep your hands free just to handle kids as they tend to run all over the place. As a result, a sling bag is perfect as it allows you to manage your children without having the burden of carrying a heavy shoulder bag. Additionally, sling bags will never run out of trend.

Other ways to look good with a sling bag

Anything clothing item that is fitted will look good with a sling bag as it does not get in the way of it. You can look really chic when you pair your garment with a medium-sized crossbody bag. On the other hand, if you are wearing something more casual like a dress, it would go well with smaller sling bags.

You can also try to compliment the shades with an item from your outfit. It could be an accessory such as a watch or pair it with shoes for the best results.

Things you should avoid doing with a sling bag

It is advisable not to carry heavy items such as laptops as sling bags are carried on one shoulder and may be burdensome. Other than that, it is also not recommended to carry them on the daily.

Pair your Tory Burch sling bags with shoes, clothing, jewellery and much more.