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Every Girl’s Ultimate Skirt Guide in TOPSHOP Malaysia

Look into every girl’s wardrobe and you’re bound to find a few skirts. After all, skirts have been a girl’s wardrobe staple since, well, probably since we started wearing clothes. Who can blame us? We’ve got such a wide range of choices from maxi skirts to skater skirts, we are almost spoilt for choice! (‘Almost’ just because we can never have enough clothes after all.) So here you have it, the ultimate skirt guide that includes the few most popular styles – prepared by girls for girls.

The A-Line

Derived from the letter ‘A’, this style of skirt is tighter at the waist and flares down to the bottom. Most commonly available in knee length or slightly above the knees, this skirt also comes in longer lengths to the calves or even to the ankles. This particular style of skirt is flattering on most body shapes including curvier women, hourglass women, pear-shaped women and apple-shaped women. Depending on material and design, these kind of skirts can be suitable for both casual and formal wear making it a versatile piece that should be in every wardrobe.

The Skater

Very much like the A-line silhouette, the skater sits more snugly at your actual waist and is usually made of a softer material than the A-line. The skater is usually available at knee length as well as a mini or midi. Skater skirts normally give a sportier feel and are usually paired with crop tops, tank tops and even cosy knits. These skirts are more suited to girls with a more athletic body as well as apple-shaped girls and are usually worn to skater and casual parties.

The Pencil

Pencil skirts are straight cut and are tight at the knees. Depending on its design, it might come along with a small slit at the back or at the side to aid with mobility. Due to its silhouette, these skirts should be worn by more slender ladies or ladies with a more toned body. Normally paired with buttoned-down shirts, crop tops and turtle necks, it is not surprising to see why these skirts are a popular choice to be worn to work and to parties.

The Maxi

Maxis are long skirts that reach the ankle or even to the floor. These versatile pieces are suitable for every season and changes to a completely different vibe simply with a change of a top. These skirts are so versatile that they can be paired with most tops from halter necks to crop tops to denim vests. Depending on the colour, design and material used, these skirts are suitable for formal and casual wear and girls usually have the creative freedom to either dress up or down their outfit. Wardrobe staple? We say YES!

The Mermaid

Design inspired by the mermaid’s tail, these skirts are normally figure hugging before flaring at the bottom. Due to its body-hugging design, these skirts have a single purpose - to flaunt your curves. However, these skirts are highly recommended for only the more toned ladies because every bump will be evident in these skirts. Pair it with a halter neck, a crop top or even buttoned-down silk shirt and you’re ready for a party or even a formal dinner!