When a man thinks of a nicely-tailored suit, their mid would always go to luxurious yet ridiculously expensive brands. However, with Topman Malaysia, you can find dress shirts, blazers, trousers, and more that can fit you just right without forcing you to blow a hole in your wallet. Read about the Topman suit guide below!

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How to Suit Up with Topman Malaysia

A lot of men might find it difficult to find the right suit. They think that the only feasible reason to procure a suit with the appropriate fit is by giving the tailor a little visit. But to dress sharply, you don’t have to get a tailored suit that could possibly cost you hundreds, and even thousands, of Ringgit. Topman Malaysia offers high-quality, yet affordable suits for all millennial men to begin their style transformation.

Know what your suit is for

When you’re trying to buy a new suit, ask yourself why you’re buying them in the first place. You should differentiate the suits that you’re going to wear to the office and those that are to be worn during events. For workwear, find suits with a classic silhouette and preferably in dark colors.

If you’re just looking to purchase your first official suit as a young man, opt for a classic black suit. This is suitable to be worn to the office and to specific occasions like weddings, job interviews, funerals, and other events requiring formal wear. Casual blazers can be paired with a pair of Topman jeans and a nice long-sleeved shirt underneath.

Finding the right fit

To start things off, before you even browse through Topman’s massive catalog of suits and other apparels, know what your size and measurements are. It’s not enough to follow the simple letter sizing of S, M, or L. It’s best to measure your arms, shoulders, torso, waist, and so on with a measuring tape, rather than on relying on the letter sizing system. This way, you can find a suit that is not too tight or too baggy.

Even if Topman men’s suits are not tailor-made for every individual, the brand carries blazers and suits in different sizing. Make sure to check the label and look for items with the closest, if not the same, measurements. Remember that it doesn’t matter how much your suit costs; an expensive suit can look horrendous if it doesn’t fit you right.

If all that seems to be a hassle, there are six easy ways to tell if your suit fits you just right:

  1. Shoulder pads align perfectly with your shoulders.
  2. The top button of a two-button suit (or middle button of three-button suit) should always fall on the navel or slightly above it.
  3. When placing your hands at your sides, the knuckles should be parallel with the bottom of your suit jacket.
  4. The sleeves of your jacket should end exactly where your thumb meets your wrist.
  5. A quarter of a half inch of your shirt should only be visible below the jacket sleeves.
  6. There should be one inch of break at the bottom of your pants.

Figure out which cut of suits you need

There are three common cut of suits that you can easily find in the market today. These types of cuts include the American or German, European, and English. Different suit cuts will fit you differently so it is crucial that you try it on yourself if you have the chance.

American/German Cut

The American of German cut has bigger shoulders and broader chests. The story behind the American cut is that it derived from the evolution of European immigrants who moved to America. The food supply there is ample so, over time, the children became bigger and broader. The best American or German-cut suits are; single-breasted jacket and flat-front trousers.

European Cut

European cut suits comprise of French and Italian suits with sharp shoulders, shorter length, and higher and tighter armholes. Those with average build look best in French or Italian cut suits. However, men with broad shoulders or skinnier guys should look for other options as wearing the European cut suit will make them look more bulky or skinny.

English Cut

British tailored suits are considered the best kind of garment any men can own. Fortunately, Topman gathers a lot of its inspiration from that classic British suit silhouette. The British cut can be traced back to the older military uniforms. It features a longer jacket, long sleeves, softer shoulders, and nipped waist. British-cut suits can balance the proportions of tall men and follows the natural body line of average and athletic men.

Topman various suits

On the Topman website, you can look through their various suit styles with different cuts. Skinny fit suits, slim fit suits, tuxedos, 3-piece suits, and waistcoats are just some of the suit types available from their latest catalog. They also offer an array of accessories such as ties, pocket square, lapels, and more. Find yours now, along with Topman’s other garments, on iPrice Malaysia.