As a brand that speaks class, Tommy Hilfiger is the ultimate choice for the gentlemen when it comes to defining their style. A Tommy Hilfiger watch can really bring you a long way. Enter its immensely elegant watch collection and watch how each design can transform your life forever. Read more about Tommy Hilfiger watches in Malaysia here below to find out.


Best Tommy Hilfiger Watches for both Men & Women

It was only a matter of time before Tommy Hilfiger took on the world of watches. Inspired by his father who worked 42 years as a watchmaker in the jewelry business, Tommy Hilfiger was driven to design his own watch collection. Putting his extraordinary talents and infallible fashion instincts to the test, Tommy Hilfiger stepped into the role of watch designer. Here are some of the best Tommy Hilfigerwatchesfor both men and women.

For Men

With extra emphasis on quality, detail, and function, Tommy Hilfiger designs exceptional watches for men. As a proud artisan, Tommy Hilfiger takes great pride in crafting charming watches for their equally charismatic wearers.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's 1791104 Sophisticated Sport Analog Display Quartz Silver Watch

Like its "simple" name, the Tommy Hilfiger Men's 1791104 Sophisticated Sport Analog Display Quartz Silver Watch is more than just itsloadedname. It is one of the unique watches that combines the best out of different watch designs. This suave watch design utilize the best combination of "S" qualities into a single design. Basically, it has every great "S" vocabulary embodied in asuccinctmanner. If you want simple, sophisticated, sporty and subtlety, this Tommy Hilfiger watch is the most suitable design that comes with the perfect blend.

Despite its simplicity, this Tommy Hilfiger watch does exude its soulful vibe that makes it stand out from the rest of watches in the market. With its solid design, it is durable and enjoys water resistance at 50metersof 165 feet. From a casual walk to formal festivity, you can wear it at all occasions. As itoffers a fresh perspective into a timeless watch design, this Tommy Hilfiger watch utilizes theskills of both jeweler and watchmaker in its construction. The end result is a superior watch design that defies most watch categories.

For Women

It is little wonder that Tommy Hilfiger watches enjoy a well-deserved reputation because they are uniquely crafted. As for women, they will be able to enjoy lovely watch designs that match with their personalities and characters.

Tommy Hilfiger Rose Gold-Plated Bracelet Watch

Featuring a crisp watch dial, this Tommy Hilfiger Rose Gold-Plated bracelet watch will add both glamour and glitz to any outfit. This Tommy Hilfiger quartz watch is finished with a warm rose gold-plated bracelet strap for undeniable chic. Inspired by classic American cool idea, the Tommy Hilfiger bracelet watch possesses an elegant feature that can transform your overallappearance. As it imbues its wearer with simplicity and sophistication, you will get people talking about how refined you are without trying too hard to impress.

Since it brings delight wherever you go, the Tommy Hilfiger Bracelet is a fashionable accessory that garners attention from onlookers. Whether in a party or a dinner, this beautiful Tommy Hilfiger watch design makes a great fashion statement with its impressive features. Like any other Tommy Hilfiger watches, it has built with an incredible level of craftsmanship that values precision at every detail. Of course, its rose gold-plated feature is another appealing feature of this wonderful watch design.

It projects timeless quality that will never run out of style. At the same time, it is one of the best colors that showcase feminine strengths. In short, this Tommy Hilfiger Rose Gold-Plated bracelet watch is a magnificent watch design that you must get if you prefer strong but subtle watch.