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What Tom Ford cologne smells the best? | Is Tom Ford the perfumer for Tom Ford perfumes?


Tom Ford Malaysia: The best sellers Tom Ford Perfumes and Colognes

Over the years, Tom Ford has released a multitude of perfumes and colognes for its consumers both men and women. Among all of Tom Ford's perfumes and colognes, the bestselling perfumes and fragrances of all time from the designer brand are:

  1. Tom Ford Extreme
  2. Tom Ford for Men
  3. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver
  4. Tom Ford Noir de Noir
  5. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Frequent Answers and Questions About Tom Ford Perfume and Fragrances

What Tom Ford cologne smells the best?

Tom Ford has a wide array of perfumes that smells good, but among all of the perfumes, the perfume that smells the best is Tom Ford Oud Wood. Better known for its earthy and woody scent, Oud Wood is the ultimate perfume for anyone who doesn't like a scent that feels too precious or contrived. It features an expert strategy of foresty-scented woods that smell classic and comforting yet rare and enticing. According to Ford, Oud Wood envelops the wearer (or sniffer) in rare oud, exotic spices, and cardamom, before unfolding into a rich blend of smells that are rich, dark, and sensual all at once.

Is Tom Ford the perfumer for Tom Ford perfumes?

No, Tom Ford is not the perfumer for Tom Ford's perfumes. He is a fashion designer and filmmaker that launched his eponymous luxury brand in 2006.

Why is Tom Ford so expensive?

Tom Ford's perfume is priced at a high-end price because most of the perfumes from the brand like Eau de Parfum uses high-quality ingredients like coconut and cardamom, with a little pink pepper, Egyptian jasmine, tonka, ylang-ylang and others to round it out. Moreover, Tom Ford is also expensive because the brand steeped in luxury and celebrated for high-end products, and its colognes are no exception.

Is Tom Ford fragrance niche?

Yes, Tom Ford and other designer brands such as Dior, Chanel have fragrance lines that are considered niche simply because they're expensive.

What does Tom Ford's lost cherry smell like?

Tom Ford's Lost Cherry has notes of cheery, almonds, and sweetness. It is highly recommended if you're a fan of warm fruity scents. It is a long-lasting fragrance and is very much a gourmand perfume. Besides, the Lost Cherry fragrance also has layers of boozy, syrupy cherry liqueur and bitter almonds making the fragrance to be very sensual and seductive on the skin. The Lost Cherry fragrances are perfect for women.

What does Tom Ford Black Orchid smell like?

The Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume bestows a rich, spicy scent with orchid and ylang-ylang flowers dipped in golden rum nestling at its heart. Beneath it, the perfume yields a spicy base of patchouli while notes of truffle and plum elevate the composition with fruity accents.

What does Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille smell like?

The Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille fragrance has boozy vanilla, tobacco, something sweet and fruity like a plum or raisin covered in cocoa powder smell. Excellence in longevity, the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille lasts all day and you can still smell it the next day.