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Tobot Malaysia Toys - Top Tobot Toys that You can Get for Your Kids

Despite what people often say about toys, they are actually for everyone. In fact, even adults enjoy the good company of amazing toys that bring more than just childhood memories. Since there are lots of different toys around, this also means there is a challenge in choosing the best toys for your kids. At the same time, toys come in many shapes and sizes. However, the next question is that what can make a good toy for children?

Thanks to its animation series, Tobot action figures have emerged some of the most popular toys in South Korea. As a matter of fact, it is so popular that it actually beats other international toy brands. Featuring transforming robot toys, Tobot designs and produces amazing designs that are truly fascinating. Unsurprisingly, it has been reported that the adults also enjoy collecting them because these robot toy have been designed to transform into real-life Kia vehicles. Hence, this is a simple guide that can help you to get the most popular Tobot toys for your kids. In fact, the imagination of your kids will run wild once they receive boxes of Tobot toys.

Tobot Z

If you are a fan of Kia Sportage R car model, this Tobot Z can transform into it effortlessly. As a matter of fact, you will be surprised to discover that it really looks like the Kia Sportage R model. Not just that, it does not exhibit that "wonky" or awkward transformation that is quite prevalent in most robot toys. As such, your kid can enjoy transforming it into car or robot without much trouble at all. Boldly displaying its brilliant red color, the Tobot Z proves that it is quite an exciting design that many will love to own. Unsurprisingly, it has been well-received in the market

Tobot Quatran

It has been said the Tobot Quatran is the biggest frame in the whole Tobot toy line. This is because it is actually a combiner that is comprised of four distinct vehicles. Once you have assembled the Tobot Quatran, it stands about 18-inch in height. As mentioned earlier, it takes four different vehicles to transform and construct your favorite Tobot Quatran. In other words, each vehicle is able to transform into a component of the larger Tobot Quatran.

The mighty Tobot Quatran is proud to have Tobot W (torso & head), Tobot D (right arm), Tobot C (left arm) and Tobot R (legs) as part of its body. Based on Kia Ray, the Tobot W exudes its smooth and steady vibe. Next, the Tobot D pays homage to the lovely design of Kia Picanto. As for Tobot C, it is a police patrol car that uses the design of Kia Cerato. Lastly, you have Tobot R which is a large rescue vehicle that is loosely modelled after the Kia Rhino itself. These unique 4 vehicles definite have a huge WOW factor when you combine all of them together into the massive Tobot Quatran.

Tobot X

Aptly named, the marvelous Tobot X displays a perfectly balanced design that is ergonomically-designed. When it transforms into a car, it is a Kia Soul car. Extremely flexible, you can make it pose in many different ways via its well-articulated joints. Thanks to Tobot X, you can now experience the quality of the famous Tobot in terms of movement, design and overall frame. Needless to say, it is one of the most sought-after Tobot in the market.