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Toa st clothing bride 2018 red wedding Slim fishtail thin long evening dress high-end
RM 790.00

Buyers notice: 1、[Shipment time] issued within 2-7 days after subscript, 7-15 days or so can arrive, urgently, want to go abroad, take care of time shot carefully, do not answer urgent orders, welcome to wholesale, factory direct sales ~ 2, [quality issues] such as: less shipments, slow logistics, there is ambiguity, etc., please contact our customer service for you to deal with the first time, please do not rush to negative comments, oh, for our stores have suggestions or deficiencies, welcome feedback We try our best to satisfy every customer! 3, [customer service time] 09:00-22:00 4. When order information is confirmed, please confirm whether the consignee's name, telephone number and address are correct. If the name and ID are inconsistent, the goods cannot be picked up. If there are other circumstances, please consult! We will use 12 points of energy to help you deal with any problems! 买家须知: 1、【出货时间】下标后2-7天内发出,7-15天左右可以到货,急要,要出国,时间赶的慎拍慎拍,不接急单,欢迎批发,工厂直销~ 2、【质量问题】如:少发货、物流慢、有瑕疵等等,请第一时间联系我们客服为您处理,请不要急于负评哦,对我们卖场有建议或者不足的地方,欢迎反馈,我们尽力做到让每一个客户都满意! 3、【客服时间】09:00-22:00 4、【订单信息】下单时请确认收货人姓名、电话和地址是否无误,姓名和身份证不一致是无法取货的。如有其他情况请咨

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Toa Maxi Dress Malaysia

Red, Grey and Blue are the most popular Toa Maxi colours. st dress bride 2018 red wedding Banquet evening dress annual elegant slim Slim thin Spring, st service 2018 spring and summer bride married Korean style red banquet evening dress was thin S and st evening dress 2018 wedding long banquet dress bride red fashion evening dress short paragraph, are the two most popular Toa Maxi from the brand.', If Toa Maxi doesn't suit your taste, you can also check out SHOWPO, Summer and Boohoo online. On iPrice Malaysia, Toa Maxi are offered in a price range from RM 79.00 to RM 790.00.