Timex is a well-known brand in the watch industry. With a wide range of watches that are affordable, stylish, and durable, we highly recommend this brand to any fashionista looking for something chic and, at the same time, not too much of a burn on the pocket. Click here to learn more about Timex watches.


Timex Watches Malaysia: Stylish Ways To Watch Time

Timex Watches Malaysia: Keeping Up With The Times

Born in the 1850s, Timex has been all about bringing luxurious watches at affordable prices to the masses. It is an iconic American brand that is well-known for its interesting ways of showing how durable their watches are (by dunking the watch into water and hitting it with a hammer) as well as their great prices. While not many jewelers back then were convinced that the brand would make it (because the price of the watch was just too low), Timex went ahead with selling their watches in drugstores, department stores and cigar stands. Soon, the company begun to grow famous for its high-quality-but-affordable watches.

Timex Watches Malaysia: Just Keep Ticking

Most watch brands that have as much history as Timex have luxurious designs that are durable and, of course, would cost you an arm and a foot. Not so with Timex. Timex watches are affordably priced, with no compromise on their durability or stylish designs. From digital to analogue watches, Timex always has a style that will suit any outfit or look their customers are going for.

Have a look below for Timex watches that we feel may be of interest to you.

Timex Watches: Simple But Significant Watches For Him

  • Timex Originals University Watches
    • A recent addition to their line-up of analogue watches
    • Design was inspired by varsity jackets
    • Is water resistant
    • Available in 4 different designs
  • Timex Easton Avenue Watches
    • Classy dress watch from Timex’s Main Street Collection
    • Stainless steel band that can be adjusted to fit your wrist
    • Has water resistance
    • Available in 2 different colours
  • Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watches
    • Great digital watch for outdoor adventures
    • Comes with stopwatch, countdown timer, vibration alarm, hydration alerts and water resistance function
    • Durable and is shock resistant
    • Available in red or white

Timex Watches: Sophisticated Elegant Watches For Her

  • Timex Miami Mini Watch
    • Elegant timepiece
    • Comes with sparkling Swarovski elements
    • Adjustable stainless steel two-tone band
    • Is water resistant
  • Timex Originals Sparkle Watch
    • A unique, classy and popular design
    • Sparkly Swarovski elements watch face that attracts attention
    • Leather strap
  • Timex Ironman Sleek 50 Mid-Size Watches
    • Digital watch for athletes
    • Available in bright, bold colours
    • Durable silicone strap
    • Comes with timers, alarms and water resistance

Timex Watches Malaysia: A Timey Wimey Accessory

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