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The true and original American watch brand

Timex was known as Waterburry Clock Company when the brand was founded in 1854. The brand started with making affordable and cheap shelf and mantel clocks, with cases designed to look like luxurious imported models. The clocks were made of simple stamped brass movements that were mass-produced to keep costs low. Timex watches have become a part of many Americans’ lives for over 160 years and is still creating a large and varied line of watches for everyone. A true American classic, Timex is the longest standing US-based watch company with such a distinguished history. Besides owning a history of making watches, Timex also has a history of representing true American culture, one that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Timex watches are classic in design, authentic and owns a reputation for its high quality, so when this iconic brand is worn, one is set to experience a bit of everything that Timex represents, American culture, heritage and spirit. Today the brand’s watches have combined with high-end Italian designs along with innovative German engineering to offer customers quality products that are still true to its native roots of being a cool and democratic watch. Timex watches are on-trend, ageless, representatively simple and functionable. They are also the perfect accessory for someone who wants a regular timepiece with a trendy twist. Nothing with blings. Not flashy. Just a simple and classic piece of timewear.

Timex are inspired by everything around us

With a team of enthusiastic designers, Timex draws inspiration from everything around, nature, furniture, fashion, design trends, sports gear, cars until the simple seasonal palette of colours. According to Timex’s Design Director Giorgio Galli, at Timex we always strive to retain our American heritage and to express the American spirit in everything we design while keeping up with trends. Although current trends are important, staying true to our roots is a fundamental asset for the Timex brand.

You can find a Timex watch that’ll match up with your lifestyle and outfit. Among the Timex watch collection available are as follow:

Timex weekender – casual, colourful slip-thru watches that allows you to decide which watch strap to go with your weekend OOTD!

Timex expedition – for the adventurous, daring and always on-the-go people who could use more time and added features like global times, shock-resistant, waterproof for extra endurance and durability.

Timex Ironman – Is fitness your passion? This collection is created for the active individuals that care about their performance. Ironman watches will always keep up with your vigorous training schedules.

Timex easy reader – Looking for a timepiece that tells you the time clearly with its simple designed wrist watches.

Timex Intelligent Quartz – For the fashion savvy men that still love their chronograph features.

And many more collection that will cater to your time wear needs.

Fun facts about Timex

  • The old Timex, known as Waterbury Compnay back in the days manufactured watches for the US army during World War I.
  • Besides watches, old Timex also supplied anti-aircraft fuses and high-quality mechanically-timed artillery to Allied forces in the World War II.
  • In the 1980s, the Timex Military Watch was created. Made of plastic and designed to be disposable, wearers of the watch will just have to throw them away once it breaks.
  • The first original Mickey Mouse themed watch was made in the 1930s under a collaboration with Disney and Timex.
  • Timex watches survived many ‘torture tests’ as proof for its durability and quality, the brand also hired John Cameron Swayze to host these tests and film them as adverts. Among the most famous tortures, include the 87-feet dive off the Acapulco cliffs, strapped on an arrow, dishwashing its ladies collection and the Timex speed boat challenge.
  • Currently more than 75% of all Timex watches are created with the Indiglo night light feature that gives better contrast between digital numbers and its watches dial background.

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