You know as well as we do that no one can create a messenger bag or any other bag as amazing as Timbuk2. Don’t believe us? Click here to know more about how Timbuk2 changed the world with their bags.


Timbuk2, the creator of functional yet edgy messenger bags

When it comes to messenger bag, no one can revolutionize it like TImbuk2. Born and bred on the back of the San Francisco bike messenger, Rob Honeycutt, Timbuk2 is known for their messenger bags, backpacks, and accessories that are not only built to last a lifetime but is also à la mode. What was once a one-man-brand has become a globally recognized manufacturer that infuses functionality and fashion into their bags.

Timbuk2, changing messenger bags since 1994.

A messenger bag is a sack-like bag that usually worn over the shoulder with a broad strap. It circles around the chest and rest around the back which makes it extremely convenient to carry around everywhere. Timbuk2 has played a big part bringing and popularizing the messenger bag as a modern fashion accessory that can be used on a day to day basis. It all started back in 1989 thanks to a San Francisco bicycle messenger and his old sewing machine. His goal was to design a messenger bag that is rugged enough to for real bicycle messengers, yet modern and fashionable that would surely appeal the broader market of young and hip individuals who are looking for an alternative to the traditional two way strap.

Other than just creating hip looking bags, Timbuk2 has also done their part in contributing to the innovation of the bag industry. In 1994, they became the leaders in the concept of the ‘build-to-order’ custom messenger bag and became the first to launch their very own Build Your Own Bag website in 2000. In 2004, Timbuk2 introduced to the world their latest innovation, Bag In A Box, bringing custom bags to the world of retail in an extremely attractive packaging and in 2005, they launched their Pro-Series collection. This collection features a series of bags and backpacks that was designed by a 9-year veteran of the San Francisco bicycle messenger scene.

Designing for devoted cyclist and rugged individuals have kept their design skills sharp allowing them to uphold their messenger roots. Their unrelenting passion to design and manufacture practical, rugged and fashion forward bags has allowed Timbuk2 to climb the popularity ladder among authentic bicycle messenger bag brands. Today, their catchy name, the tree panel and tri color design, unique ‘swirl’ logo and the fact that they are “Made In San Francisco” has indeed become an icon in the streets of San Francisco, and a common sight in other cities all over the globe.

A change that started on a telephone pole

The bicycle messenger bag as we all know it today thanks to Timbuk2, has its roots set in New York City back in the 1950s. It is said that Globe Canvas, owned and operated by the late Frank Demartini, began manufacturing heavy-duty canvas shoulder bags for telephone lineman. As they hang on the telephone poles, these bags are designed to hold tools and supplies for easy access.

In the late 70s, bicycle messenger started using these bags for their daily deliveries in New York. Because of the increase in motor vehicles that congested the roads in rapidly growing cities, the need of bicycle messengers grew. They developed a recognizable subdivision that is often associated with a mocking attitude towards motor vehicles and traffic control signs.

As the need of the growing profession grew, small messenger bag manufacturers bloomed in various cities to address these needs and the increasing interest from individuals who have been admiring these messenger bags. As they created their own take on the basic messenger bag design, it has indeed changed to become a mainstream fashion accessory. Its main appeals branches from its working-class history, its carry-all functionality, the rugged, waterproof construction and its relationship with the urban bicycle messenger subculture.

The Ultimate Messenger Bag

With over 25 years of expertise when it comes to messengers, Timbuk2 presents to your their updated Classic Messenger Bag. It is designed in San Francisco and with decades of testing from users and taking their feedback into serious consideration, the updated Classic Messenger bag features a more polished look, updated fit with a smarter organization, everything you need in bag.

The new shoulder strap has a curved air mesh strap pad for added comfort, finer webbing, and Timbuk2’s new Double-Loop CAM buckle that quickly adjusts to eliminate dangling straps. The low profile grab strap makes this messenger easier to grab and go and the SR buckles are partly hidden behind the messenger flap for a more refined look. Inside the bag, the waterproof TPU liner and corner wings keeps water out and the internal water bottle pocket keeps the water in. With distributed internal pockets and organization that balances the weight of your bag makes this messenger a classic style that would stay for another millennium.

Timbuk2 goes Femme

Timbuk2 is the brand that is more commonly known for its colourful, customizable, utilitarian messenger bags and designed mainly for guys. But that changed when Timbuk2 made its first foray into modern, beautiful, hip yet elegant women’s bags with their Femme Collection. With their recent launch in September 2015, the Femme collection has been a huge hit, collecting a cult following all around the world.

But why is this collection creating a frenzy everywhere? Imagine combining a beautiful clutch bag and a messenger bag together. The result? The Femme collection--bags that makes a smooth transition from bike commute to cocktails. In this collection you would able to find 4 new designs in 5 colourway; Black n’ Tan, Crayon Box, Prism Pop, Silhouette and Stargaze.

The Femme Messenger bag gets its inspiration from Timbuk2’s ‘hero bag’, in full leather. The Satchel Bagpack got its idea from the shape of a vintage Persian carpetbag that can be worn as a bagpack or carried as a tote. The Fanny Pack is the mini version of the classic messenger bag, designed for women who wants a modern, chic hands-free bag with lots of compartments. Lastly, the Boxy Tote is the perfect representation of a modern and minimal shoulder bag with a slim profile. What are you waiting for ladies? Get your urban-chic bags now from this new collection.

With that being said and done, we are sure you can’t wait to get your hands on a Timbuk2. So wait no more, get your bag today from iprice.