Looking for well made products to help you bring along your life essentials? Thule products are built to help you do so. With products ranging from car racks to backpacks, Thule strives to ensure that its products are durable and long lasting. Thule is the brand that is designed for life, the brand that you've been looking for endurance, so browse below and get your Thule products now!

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Bring your life along with you on your adventures

Thule is a brand that is built under the motto Bring you life, it aims to make premium products that will help its users in bringing along their lives while on the go. Among the products offered, include roof boxes, bicycle racks, roof racks, sports/computer/camera bags, multifunctional strollers and child bike seats. These well-designed gears enable users to go about while bringing along their phones, laptops, tablets, sporting gear, other essentials and their precious little ones along their respective travels.

Products made under the Thule brand are always ready for life! This is because each Thule product is made to withstand vigorous and repeated usage. At the Thule Test Centre in Sweden, all products are required to go through extreme tests such as water resistance, drop tests, desert heat, arctic cold, shock and crash tests, even wind tunnels to tensile tests to ensure that all Thule gear fulfill the Thule standard, which exceeds the current general ISO standards.

Safety is priority—Thule makes products that provides safety for you and the people around you

Although product durability and wear resistance are both important factors, Thule places safety as its top most priority. This is to ensure its users will not have any worries when using any Thule product. Besides lab tests, Thule engineers and technicians also conduct real life testing to test the day-to-day functionality of its products. Thule gears that have gone through these groundbreaking tests will be able to withstand the test of time.

Although Thule started with the fishing supplies business in 1942, this Swedish brand moved towards the direction of car accessories over a decade later. It was in 1962 that Thule began producing racks, designed for the winter sports. Thule focused on making their products with high quality materials to ensure the safety of its users performance gear for the winter games. The brand continued to make bike racks and has since been supporting the cyclocross bikes to various courses for almost a quarter-century. In the 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards, Thule’s car rack was honoured as The Favorite Car Rack Brand.

Other product lines

Thule is set to stay for a longer time, with over 73 years of experience, the brand has launched over time new products that provides a wide range of products to help you be active with your favorite spots and live an active life. With the bike industry boom, Thule’s car roof racks for bicycles are currently high on demand. Thule is also focused in making customizable racks for e-bikes that are slowly gaining a strong market in Europe.

Thule also collaborated up with YouTube sensation and GoPro athlete Matthias Giraud for the design of a Thule GoPro collaboration backpack line. The brand also launched bags that are designed especially for GoPro camera users, allowing users to store and bring along their GoPro gear to wherever they are heading. FYI there is still not many brands that offer high quality GoPro accessories in this current market, so get your Thule Legand GoPro Advanced Case at the iprice store now. The case is not only crush proof, it also stores up to two GoPro cameras, with compartments for other GoPro gears like the Flex-Clamp, extra batteries, 3-way Gooseneck, several pockets slots for SD card storage. The unique feature of the case is its casing that is made up of removable die-cut foam pads that makes cleaning up a breeze, the exterior of the casing also features a secure grip and gives users extra protection with its semi-hardshell construction.

Besides that, Thule also makes durable casings for phones and tablets that offer real protection for your essential tech gear. Go check out the colorful Gauntlet casings that feature a non-slip matte exterior at the iprice store now!

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