Stemming from a magazine, Thrasher is one of the best skate brands of today. Worn by famous pros and celebrities, Thrasher is a staple brand for streetwear because of its edgy design and rich history from skateboarding. Check out our selection of Thrasher apparel below or read more about Thrasher Malaysia.

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Thrasher Malaysia - More than Just Skateboarding

If you think you can skate, then you have probably heard about Thrasher and Thrasher magazine. From the very heart of skateboarding, Thrasher is devoted to creating apparel that would suit your style whether you are a hardcore or chill skater. Aside from that, evey issue of the magazine has always been something to look forward to. Throughout the years, Thrasher has made an impact throughout the history of skateboarding, not only in creating apparel but also through events, features, collaborations, and videos.

Thrasher Malaysia - the story

Thrasher is one of the biggest publications in the skateboarding scene since 1981. Founded by Keven Thatcher, Eric Swenson, and Fausto Vitello from High Speed Productions in San Francisco, California, Thrasher became a medium for skateboarders to unite for their passions in riding the streets. It paved the way to create the entire skateboarding subculture by promoting skateboarders, music-related articles, skatepark reviews, skate photography, and interviews through its monthly Thrasher magazine issue. Thrasher holds the very fiber of skateboarding, maintaining its underground and edgy nature that reflects the whole scene.

Apparel from Thrasher Malaysia

While Thrasher was initially known for their monthly publications, the entity became so big that they just had to have their own line of apparel. The Thrasher clothing line became so popular that even non-skater celebrities such as Rihanna, and Justin Bieber. According to Vogue, the Thrasher apparel has become a standard for off-duty models such as Molly Blair and Cristina Herrman because of its rebellious flair and youthful distaste for authority, giving it an edgy appeal. Shop for these awesome Thrasher items at iPrice:

Shoe collaborations with Thrasher

With such a big name such as Thrasher, it is no surprise that it had formed collaborations with many skate shoe companies. These collaborations are hard to find (unless you buy directly online) and is coveted by many skaters. If you already have a pair, consider yourself lucky.

HUF x Thrasher

One of the rising stars in the skate scene, HUF has teamed up with Thrasher to create some of the finest pieces of limited edition shoes and apparel. Featuring HUF team riders Brad Cromer, Austyn Gillette, Keith Huffnagel, Josh Matthews, Joey Pepper, Dan Plunkett, Peter Ramondetta, Dylan Rieder, and Kevin Terpening, this collaboration is a primary example of two premium skateboarding brands, creating shoes and apparel by skaters for skaters.

Globe x Thrasher

Sharing a long history of skateboarding such as the Double Stack Cash Attack, Slaughterhouse at the Opera and Skatepark Roundup, the Globe x Thrasher celebrates the joy and creativity of skateboarding. Teaming up with two of the most renowned skateboarders Chris Haslam and David Gonzalez, the Globe x Thrasher features a wide selection of products designed by the pros themselves, calling it the Odin and the Heathen.

Lakai x Thrasher

Like most of the shoe brands on this list, Lakai too has also collaborated with Thrasher to create an exclusive pair of Lakai Furas. The shoe features a premium alligator print black suede upper and contrasted by the pink graphic logo on the tongue and insole. It is a shoe that derives its beauty from minimalism.

Emerica x Thrasher

Teaming up with big-time Emerica riders Andrew Reynolds and Leo Romero, Thrasher and Emerica produced some of the most desired skate shoes today. These pro model shoes features a slick design which provides support and stability while on board. It is also infused with an ortholite insole which prevents bacteria build-up, and inhibits odors and fungus.

Thrasher features every skater must get into

King of the Road

One of the most well-known skate competitions today, King of the Road started out in 2003 by Michael Burnett. The idea was to go on a two-week cross-country road trip and the team that gets the most points wins. Points are earned by performing challenges which are not limited to skateboarding, and completing as many as they can.

Skater of the Year

Another annual event from Thrasher magazine, the Skater of the Year first started in 1990 and today remains one of the most respected awards in skateboarding. This title is bestowed to a skater based on public vote and annouced by Thrasher magazine editor Jake Phelps.

Hall of Meat

Hall of Meat is a Thrasher magazine feature that let’s you see how skateboarding can go wrong. Basically, it’s a skate video where skaters take their bodies to the limits often ending up with bent and broken limbs and bloody heads. If you are new to skateboarding, then Hall of Meat is probably something you must not watch.

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Whenever there is skateboarding, there will always be Thrasher and its exciting monthly publications, limited-edition pro collaborations, and apparel, from the very heart and soul of skateboarding. Regardless if you love board-riding or not, you should get your hands on the best Thrasher products here at iPrice!