If you are in search for some new sets of formal wear for yourself or your loved ones, look no further than Thom Browne Malaysia. A multiple award-winning brand in the fashion industry, Thom Browne Malaysia specializes in bringing premium made-to-measure formal apparel and leather goods to its customers. Find out more about Thom Browne’s extensive collections for its customers in Malaysia below.

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An Inside Look into Thom Browne’s Extensive Inventory

For one to have a complete wardrobe, he or she should have at least a set of apparels that they can wear to formal functions – weddings, company dinners, meetings with investors, et cetera. Formal wear makes you look elegant and classy which befits the formal atmosphere of these events. Pair them with intricately-designed leather accessories to exude a professional vibe.

One of the most well-known brands that specialise in providing premium formal and leather goods is Thom Browne, serving clientele across the world in New York, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, Malaysia, and so much more. Over the years, Thom Browne has increased their collections to include beachwear, knits, and eyewear. Thom Browne collections for both men and women are available to Malaysians via Thom Browne stores located in the country as well as online portals Lane Crawford, Ssense, and YOOX.

Thom Browne Malaysia Collections for Both Men and Women

Thom provides an expansive selection of apparels for men to dress to the nines. From delicately-sewn shirts to leather shoes to customised formal wear, Thom Browne is a must-have in a man’s wardrobe.


Thom Browne’s buttoned-down shirts are designed to be versatile. Besides wearing them under a blazer or with a tie, you can wear them by themselves and look equally classy. Their simplistic designs exude confidence and class without being over the top. Thom Browne also offers Polo T-shirts and T-shirts for Malaysia men to wear to less formal or casual situations and still look classy, the Thom Browne way.


Although Thom Browne is traditionally known for its formal wear, they have also built a reputation for their knits – cardigans, pullovers, and sports coats. They are easy to slip on to keep you warm on cooler days and more importantly, they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. These apparels are ideal for individuals who prefer a sporty and athletic look. They are also suitable for lazy days when you do not want to dress up as you can just slip them on and still look fashionable.

Leather Goods

Leather accessories have always been sought after as they are perceived as the epitome of class and style. Thom Browne offers a wide selection of leather goods for you to complete your outfit-of-the-day look. Ranging from business bags, wallets, backpacks, to clutches, Thom Browne’s premium quality leather goods are made with high-quality leather for extra durability and class. They also feature simple designs that enable them to be versatile and complement most apparels, be it formal or otherwise.


Besides its trendy apparels, another product that Thom Browne is known for is its eyewear for both men and women. Their eyewear is made with stylish metal frames that will be an excellent accompaniment to any outfit. Thom Browne Malaysia provides both transparent and coloured lenses that you can choose to suit your preferences.


Besides apparels, Thom Browne also produces unique items that you can accessorize with to add more flair to your personal style. Thom Browne’s specially-designed accessories include keyrings, business cards, and notebooks. They are designed with intricate details to seamlessly match your apparels.

Made to Measure Apparels

One of Thom Browne’s specialties is their customisation service. Thom Browne is the expert when it comes to made to measure apparels. If you have a particular design or exclusive request for an apparel that you would like to personally customise, Thom Browne is the brand for you. Just make an appointment with them and they will create a one-of-a-kind apparel tailor-made for you.

Why Choose Thom Browne Malaysia

You are missing out if Thom Browne’s products are not part of your wardrobe. There are a few reasons why Thom Browne Malaysia should be the top of your list for your next shopping spree:

Global Trendsetters

Thom Browne Malaysia is a brand that has been actively gracing the global runway for past years. Thom Browne constantly develops innovative collections to be featured on the international scene such as Fashion Week and Spring/Summer events. Thom Browne is also proud winners of many accolades, stamping its mark as a trendsetter in the worldwide fashion scene.

Apparels for All Occasions

Whether you want something comfortable to wear during the sunny days or outfits to keep you warm when the environment is cooler, Thom Browne has something to satisfy your needs. Being classy is part of its DNA, hence having a Thom Browne in your wardrobe is equivalent to bringing world-class fashion into your closet.