Everyone is beautiful but it is not wrong to get a little help from cosmetics and good skin care products to stand out from the rest. The Saem is the one complete brand that cares from you. Here at iprice Malaysia we offer you a wide range of The Saem products for great prices. Click here to find out more.

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The Saem Malaysia: Feel Beautiful and Be Beautiful With The Saem

First impression is always the most important moment in your life. Be it as work or going out on a date for the first time. Thus, you might seek for all the help you need to look your best. Dressing up neatly is definitely a must however above that most importantly, you need to feel beautiful and be beautiful. The Saem makes you feel comfortable and confidence with your skin. Offering the best cosmetic products and skin care range, The Saem is the ultimate brand that gives you what it takes to rule the world.

About The Saem Malaysia

Founded in 2010, The Saem has become a well-known brand in the Korean’s cosmetics world. Korean Cosmetics, a major company in Korea helped to develop The Saem with its technology of 50 years. The Seam which means “the spring water of beauty” is definitely a miracle for those who seek for the wisdom of beauty. In order to further strengthen its image as the ultimate beauty brand in the market, Lee Seung-Gi, a famous actor and singer in Korea and Japan is appointed as the ambassador of The Saem.

Saem Malaysia: Why Choose The Saem?

There are many brands in the market today that offer cosmetics products and skin care products. However we assure you that The Saem is nothing like the rest. It truly cares for your skin and strives to give you the best. Read more if you want to feed the best to your skin.

  • Keeping your skin healthy and beautiful is more important that just being pretty. Waking up every morning to a healthy skin make you feel happy and excited to live your day. Thus, unlike all the other brands out there, The Saem chooses “healthful” instead of “pretty”.
  • The Saem’s skin care products are inspired by the natural ecology. The brand balances your skin and gives it a beautiful glow. With The Saem, you will definitely experience freshness all day long.
  • The Saem products are also created with nature’s self in mind. This amazing brand believes in the ultimate communion with nature thus the science behind the products from The Saem aimed only at nature.

Saem Malaysia: Makeup Products

Below are some of the must have makeup products.

  • Face Makeup –Saemmul moisture aura BB cream, Saemmul AC control BB cream
  • Eye Makeup –Saemmul browcara, Art look eyebrow, Quick View 3D Slim mascara
  • Lips Saemmul real tint

Saem Malaysia: Skin Care Products

Below are some of the must have skin care products.

  • Moisturizer – Urban Eco Harakeke Firming Seed Cream, Gem Miracle Diamond cutting V Lifting Cream, CHAGA Anti-aging Cream with fermented chaga extract
  • Masks – Natural Tomato Mask Sheet, Natural Oatmeal Mask Sheet, Natural Gold Kiwi Mask Sheet
  • Cleansers –Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Lip & Eye Remover, Healing Tea Garden Rooibos Tea Cleansing Foam

Saem Malaysia: How To Take Care of Our Skin?

Makeup products and skin care products are just an additional tool to make you feel and be beautiful. Beyond that, it is your responsibility to maintain the good health of your skin. You just need to diligently follow few simple routines throughout the day to help you achieve the best skin. Always remember that healthy skin is beautiful skin.

  • Eight glasses a day is not a myth. You need to drink plenty of water to flush out the toxic in your body. It also hydrates your skin and maintains the glow that you wish for. If the weather is a little hot, then drink more water to replenish the water in your body.
  • Beauty sleep is a must when it comes to maintaining a good skin. When you sleep, your skin rejuvenates and builds new cells. Thus, if you suffer from a scar, a good night sleep might be just the right solution to fix it. In addition to that, lack of sleep can also cause tired and dull skin.
  • Eat healthy food and your skin can benefit greatly from it. What you eat is what you are and if you love your skin, then ditch your sneaks and opt for fruits and vegetables. If you still can’t let go of your crunchy appetite, then pick almonds. These miracle seeds can do wonders on your skin.

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If you are looking for a brand that only aims at providing the best for you and your skin, then The Saem is indeed your perfect choice. At iprice Malaysia, we want you to have an equally beautiful and a joyful shopping experience. With this easy and hussle-free online store, your journey towards a beautiful skin is just a click away. Happy shopping!