The North Face is known throughout the world as one of the top sporting and outdoor gear brands. However, you don’t have to wear The North face clothing only to go to the gym or your camping trip. Learn in the article below on how to look sporty and chic at the same time with The North Face Malaysia.

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Look Sporty and Chic with Favorites from The North Face Malaysia

Try asking a fitness enthusiast if they’re familiar with The North Face products. Now, try asking a regular person the same question. Chances are they both are familiar with the American sportswear brand. Although The North Face is the go-to brand for the world’s best athletes and sports enthusiasts, regular people can also rock the brand’s products for their day to day ensemble.

The North Face jackets

The North Face jackets are perhaps their most popular line of products. Because of the events stated in the side texts, The North Face jackets rose in popularity and people started wearing them casually to schools and other settings.

There are different types of North Face jackets that you can choose from, all using their own unique innovations and technologies. The available North Face jackets are as follows:




Waterproof and water-resistant, suitable for the rainy days. Available in 4 different designs.


Windproof jacket to keep you warm against the billowing breeze. Available in 5 different styles.

Insulated and down

These layered jackets provide insulation to help you tackle the harsh, cold weather.


Fleece jackets are perfect for layering or worn as a standalone piece. Available in lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight versions as well as 5 different styles.


Sometimes you just want to keep your arms free but your core warm. The vests are perfect for this circumstances and The North Face offers hooded and non-hooded vests.


Casual jackets suitable to be worn during the commute. Available as a hooded, non-hooded, parka, triclimate, vest, bomber, and trench jackets.

Skiing and snowboarding

Protect yourself from the snow with these rider-specific jackets. You can choose between hooded jackets, triclimate jackets, or non-hooded skiing and snowboarding North Face jackets.

3-in-1 jackets

You can’t get a greater deal than The North Face’s three-in-one jackets. You can wear each layer separately or all in one for the maximum protection.

Running and training

Keep yourself cool and dry when running with these North Face jackets. They are breathable and able to handle the moisture produced during the most intense training session.

The North Face footwear

Of course, any sportswear and gear brands are not complete without a footwear line. The North Face shoes are some of the best and most suitable footwear for outdoor and indoor sports in all kinds of difficulty levels. The men and women footwear include boots for winter, hiking, rock climbing, as well as sneakers for running and training. If you’re looking for something more casual, The North Face also offers casual boots, sandals, and sneakers.

You can choose your North Face shoes with these high-quality and unique features: waterproof, water-resistant, insulated, lightweight, breathable, thermoball, or recycled content.

The North Face gear and equipment

Aside from their clothing line, The North Face also provides gears and equipment. This product line includes backpacks suitable for outdoor and leisure use, technical packs for climbing or camping, luggage and duffels, tents, and sleeping bags. Just like the brand’s many jackets, The North Face’s gears and equipment are also manufactured using the best innovations and technologies.

Where and how to wear The North Face clothing

It makes sense to wear your North Face clothing pieces to the gym or the park for a workout session. Aside from that, though, since leisurewear is rising in popularity, it’s acceptable to wear The North Face clothes almost everywhere. For instance, wear your North Face clothes to school or uni to remain comfortable while you study. Also, if your office does not have a dress code, you can always wear The North Face clothes to work, especially The North face jackets since offices in the region have the tendencies to be super cold.

To achieve building an ensemble that is well-put and chic, try playing with colors, layers, and accessories. Take a North Face hoodie, for example. You can pair the hoodie with a pair of black leggings and trendy sneakers. Finish the look with a fashion-forward backpack that suits well with the whole outfit like a black leather backpack with a studded décor.

Another way to put together your North Face outfit is to wear one of their graphic tees with denim shorts and their casual boots. Accessorize with bracelets and bangles as well as necklaces and chokers. Complete the look with trendy sunnies and a cross-body bag. This look is suitable for those living in the hotter regions but if it starts to get cold, you could always layer one of the iconic North Face jackets.