For 60 years now, Tefal has been accompanying its customers by constantly innovating eco-friendly, safe, and quality products for its consumers to guarantee successful healthy cooking in their daily life. The cookware brand offers high-quality and genuine Tefal products. With Tefal, you will always have a full stomach as its kitchen cookware and appliances are beneficial and good enough for food preparation. Read more on Tefal Malaysia products below.

Pots and Pans | Is scratched Tefal dangerous?

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Best Kitchen Cookware from Tefal Malaysia

Super Cook Plus

The Super Cook Plus pot and pan are easy to use and handle. You can achieve the ideal cooking temperature for your favorite recipes and dishes thanks to the THERMO-SPOT feature. No more hassles in the kitchen after eating as these pots & pans are easy to clean and handle, due to their non-stick surface.

Tefal Intensium Stainless Steel

The Intensium Stainless Steel wok is a high-quality and elegant wok that is built to cook delicious and refined food. The wok is made of safe ceramic coating (no PFOA, no lead, no cadmium) in order to preserve our planet's health. Not to mention, the multilayer construction of the wok also enables continuous even heat distribution on the meat.

Asian Ceramic Wok

The Tefal Ultra Asian ceramic wok is made of ultra-resistant ceramic coating to mix, whisk, sear, and fry for deliciously crisp results. The pan is also equipped with the Thermo-spot technology which will turn full red when the pan has reached its ideal temperature. With that, you can ensure your meat is in perfect texture, colour, and flavour.

Pots and Pans

Tefal's pots and pans are divided into 3 coating types, non-stick coating, ceramic coating, and non-coated stainless steel. Each of the coating types has its own benefits. Read more on the differences of coating type below:

Non-stick coating, ideal for:

  • Cooking with no additional fat
  • Never sticking
  • Easy cleaning

Ceramic coating ideal for:

  • Searing, frying, or mixing
  • Crispy exterior and juicy interior

Non-coated stainless steel ideal for:

  • Deglazing with meat juice
  • Searing on high heat and blazing

Frequent Answers and Questions about Tefal

Is scratched Tefal dangerous?

No, TEFAL non-toxic cookware products are designed to be long-lasting without deteriorating. However, inadvertently swallowing a piece of the coating is quite harmless.

Is Tefal cookware good?

Yes, Tefal cookware is one of the most recognisable cookware brands on the high street. The pans are PFOA-free and the pans have a life span of few years with moderate use.

Is Tefal the same as Teflon?

No, Tefal is a brand of cookware and Teflon is a brand of non-stick coating on cookware.

Is Tefal Made in China?

Yes, Tefals' products such as kitchen appliances, cookware, and food accessories items are made in China. However, there are certain products from Tefal that is made in France.

Is Tefal good quality?

One of the most recognisable pans on the high street, Tefal pans are good quality as it is made of PFOA-free and made with a titanium coating that lasts for a long time.

Where to buy Tefal products in Malaysia?

Tefal products such as kitchen appliances or cookware items can be purchased in Tefal physical stores in selected states of Malaysia. Alternatively, Tefal products are also sold in Harvey Norman and supermarkets like Aeon. If you still can't find the products, the last resort would be purchasing Tefal products online either through Tefal's official online shop or through merchants like Shopee, Lazada, & iPrice Malaysia.