Bags are the most important statement piece of your entire outfit. A bag can add an oomph factor or bring down your outfit of the day. Thus, it is important to pick the right bag for yourself. With many types of bag in the market, you can easily go wrong with your choice. However, with Ted Baker bags, you will never go wrong. Ted Baker bags promise you style and comfort. Here at iprice Malaysia, we offer you Ted Baker bags for amazing values. Click here to find out more.


Classic, Stylish and Functional Ted Baker Bags

Ted Baker bags are known for its classic, stylish and functional bags. We are living in a world today where everything is a race against time and it can get crazy sometimes. During times like these, it is important to carry your essentials and cosmetics wherever you go. You might need functional yet cool and stylish bags to store in all your things and Ted Baker bag is just what you needed.

How to Choose a Bag

Plan your budget
It is important to decide on your budget and how much are you willing to spend on a bag before you plan to shop for a bag. It is no point if you overspend on a bag that leaves a big hole in your pocket. But of course, once in a while, it is alright to splurge on a bag especially when you deserve one after a whole month of hard work.
Comfort over style
Before you buy a bag, ensure that you are indeed comfortable with it. There are many types of crazy looking bags out there that might seem cool at first glance. You might buy it in an impulse but when you bring it home, you might realise that it is not your style and you don’t feel comfortable in it.
Your plan of the day
When you are choosing a bag, you have to consider what type of bag is most suitable for the occasion you are heading too. If you are going for a date night, then it is appropriate to bring a clutch or a sling bag. If you are on a vacation, it is best to bring a tote bag to put in all your stuff.

    Types of Ted Baker Bags

    Bags and Wallets
    Ted Baker has a wide range of bags selection ranging from briefcases, wallets, backpacks and duffel bags. Briefcase is your perfect choice to office or formal meetings and Ted Baker backpacks could add style when you are on a backpacking trip. Ted Baker’s leather wallet is definitely a must have.
    For ladies that strive for a glamorous life, Ted Baker’s clutches are what you are looking for. Meanwhile if you want a spacious and functional bag for a weekend out, then you should go for Ted Baker’s tote bag.

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