A fusion of luxurious quality, motion and colour, TechnoMarine presents the finest watch designs to be embellished around your wrist. You will find that TechnoMarine is associated with words such "exceptional", ""elite", "elegance" and "exclusivity".


Be Luxuriously Fabulous with TechnoMarine Malaysia

About TechnoMarine

Having passionate love for the sea as well as great appreciation for finer things in life, Frank Dubarry, a successful diver and entrepreneur, had incorporated these two traits when he designed the TechnoMarine watch. He launched his first timepiece in St Tropez, France. During the first year of production of TechnoMarine watches, the TechnoMarine sold over 50,000 units. The same year saw TechnoMarine's opening of 200 stores in total as the sales are very good especially in the high fashion area of St Tropez itself.

In 1999, TechnoMarine launched their breakthrough design, TechnoDiamond watch, famous for incorporating over a carat of diamond and offered a range of coloured bands. It eventually grew to be very popular especially in France and Middle East. The world of horology was astounded and applauded that incredible timepiece overnight at that year's Basel watch show. Later, TechnoMarine launched Technodiamond Chrono Ceramic , a collection of colourful timepieces that featured coloured ceramic bracelets. The research and development of the related coloured ceramic material was considered to be a feat even for TechnoMarine because the material such as ceramic is difficult to work with and has high rejection rate. Throughout its rich history, TechnoMarine continues to attain tremendous successes for its beautifully designed and crafter timepieces.

The Superiority of TechnoMarine Watch

The watch produced and designed by TechnoMarine is a fusion of high-tech, famed Swiss time mechanism and avant-garde designs in exclusive French style. The reliability and performance of TechnoMarine watch is so legendary that it can work well from swinging at the dance floor to the depth of 660 feet. The application of stainless steel construction makes the design not only more durable and tougher but also highly appealing as well. Often involving delicate, distinguished and superior craftsmanship, the world of horology often cited TechnoMarine as exemplar of artistry in watches.

Furthermore, TechnoMarine watches are stylish and fashionable that they are recognised to be popular and highly desirable among modern watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs. It is not surprising that TechnoMarine watches can be found decorating on the wrists from diverse celebrities and personalities such as Ringo Starr, Lenny Kravitz, Sharon Stone, Barbara Streisand, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Prince Albert of Monaco and many more.

The Luxurious Life of TechnoMarine Watch

A perfect blend of extraordinary, exclusivity and elegance, TechnoMarine watches are masterful designs that will fit those with exquisite taste for finer things in life.
Elegance Expressed
TechnoMarine designs are distinctly unique as they are inspired from the sight and sound of oceanic vitality; the captivating fusion of quality, motion and colour.
Exceptionally Elite
Crafted and constructed to the highest standard, Technomarine watches are creations of absolute craftsmanship.
Clockwork Precision
A stylish watch design should be accompanied by its own equally superior performance and TechnoMarine watch is the marriage of these two qualities.
True Head Turner
An accessory that can accommodate any of your attire anywhere and anytime, TechnoMarine watch proves to be able to turn all attention towards you!
Essence of Life
Lifestyle of freedom and luxury wrapped around your wrist.
Timepiece of Renown
Internationally recognised and popular among modern watch enthusiasts and lovers all around the world, such reputation reflects the excellence in TechnoMarine watches.
A Lifetime of Adventure Awaits
For those that aspire for great expectations in life, do not hesitate and wear this timepiece that is designed exclusively for adventurers like you!
Like a courageous explorer that sailed over dark and treacherous sea, TechnoMarine brings you to higher level of exploration and excitement!

The Finest of TechnoMarine Watch

TechnoMarine Malaysia - Master Your Destiny

Technomarine Malaysia has numerous collections available for your eyes only. Like a sailor that bravely navigates through strong currents, TechnoMarine Malaysia watches would be your personal compass and bearing of great success. Wearing TechnoMarine watches is definitely a formidable fashion statement, a bold declaration that you dare to be different!