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Tayo Malaysia: Fun and Exciting Toys for Your Children

One great thing about being a kid is the privilege of playing with toys. Many might not know that toys help children to grow and develop healthily. Today’s parents are gladly handing over hand phones and tablets to their children without worrying about the consequences that the children might face in the future. Providing our children with the right tool and toys to play with is very crucial in ensuring them to experience a normal and happy childhood. Some parents out there use toys as an educational tool to teach their children. This is an interesting and engaging way as children are naturally excited and curious when they could get their hands on the toys. Tayo is one such brand that does not only promote an active physical health but also mental health and development for your children.

Tayo Malaysia: About Tayo

Tayo the Little Bus was first developed as a computer-animated television series in South Korea. Created by Iconix Entertainment and Educational Broadcasting System of Seoul, this series was dubbed in English and aired in Disney Junior. Tayo the Little Bus is about the interesting and fun adventures that a little bus experience as he learns the routes in the busy city he is living in. During his journey, Tayo meets taxis, buses, trains, police cars and many more characters. Every day, Tayo gains new knowledge which in turn is converted into educational message to the children. It is not only fun and enjoyable but also highly beneficial for our children. Tayo is presented as a reflection of our children. Tayo has many friends who are very kind and helpful. This tells our children to behave in such way to our family and friends. Young, vulnerable and often making mistakes, Tayo teaches our children to learn and overcome the problems happily.

Tayo Malaysia: Why Educational Toys are Important?

Learning is more interesting and fun with toys. As they are able to see what they are learning, they can understand it more clearly. In addition to that, during the early age of your children, their mental development would be very active. Thus, using toys to teach them can be a great technique to educate them at that age. Besides that, parents can also create a strong bond with their children as they help to explain and teach their children using the toys. Finally, schools should use toys as children can be more creative when they are approached in a different way.

Tayo Malaysia: The Colourful and Fun Characters

  • Gani – He is young and introvert bus. However he is very thoughtful and mature for his age.
  • RogiRogi is an excited, enthusiastic and lively bus who loves to show off.
  • Tayo – Tayo is the new bus that is always cheerful. Being new also makes Tayo to have a high level of curiosity.
  • Lani – This charming girl bus is not only young but also nice.
  • CituCitu often takes good care of the young buses. This double-decker bus is very trustworthy.
  • Nuri – This is a smart girl taxi that stays calm and confident no matter what trouble she faces.
  • Hana – This is the mechanic who is kind and cheerful. He fixes and looks after the buses.
  • Rookie – Rookie is a hardworking traffic police. He constantly gets excited about his new job as a traffic police.
  • Pat – Being the long serving police car in town, the experienced Pat keeps the town in peace and harmony.
  • Speed – he is a sports car that makes a lot of trouble. He also assumes that he is the fastest car among everyone there.
  • Shine – Shine is very proud of herself as she feels being a convertible care is a highly luxurious car.
  • Toto – Toto come to rescue whenever the cars experience breakdowns.
  • Toni – This obedient truck always follows the traffic rules.
  • Alice – When someone needs to go to the hospital, this friendly ambulance come to aid.
  • Frank – As a fire engine, Frank has great respect for his job and has a high sense of justice.
  • Big – Althouht Big is a heavy-duty truck that has a tough built and exterior, it is kind and has a warm heart.

    Tayo Malaysia: The Range of Products

    Tayo has a wide range of high quality products that can make your child to have a truly amazing learning experience.

    • Cars and Buses Toys
    • Smartphone Toys
    • DVD for Tayo the Little Bus Series

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