A widely known website that makes it easy for shoppers to do their shopping online, only at Taobao Malaysia you can find the best products that give you a bang for your buck! Scroll below to learn more about Taobao in Malaysia.


Why you should shop at Taobao online store in Malaysia

Taobao was introduced in May 10, 2003 created under a group of companies known as the Alibaba Group. They created the Chinese online shopping site which is referred to as the Taobao Marketplace. Similar to other major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.com and eBay.com, Taobao mainly focuses on entrepreneurs and small business owners in mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong. As of 2010, the number of registered members on Taobao had reached over 370 million, which is 80% of the Chinese online shopping market.

Why choose Taobao?

As Taobao is a fully Chinese site, it may be slightly difficult for non-Chinese speaker navigate through the site. Thankfully, iPrice has provided a platform on Lazada Malaysia for shoppers to shop at ease. From searching for products to making enquiries, everything is in English! Many Malaysians are familiar with shopping on Taobao’s main website, however it required heavy use of Google Translate. Purchasing on the Taobao online store in Malaysia cuts down the number of steps since everything is listed in English. On top of that, the site features many of Taobao’s best products such as women’s and men’s fashion, home and living, electronic accessories, toys and games, and sports and outdoor.

International shipping

Taobao offers international shipping on their main website as well as on Lazada. However, the only major difference is that they lack the experience of sending products overseas. Moreover, consumers that purchase directly from Taobao will face issues such as communication breakdown, orders being potentially out-of-stock and many other problems. This is because; they would rather avoid having the hassle of dealing with international customers, international payments, and exchange rates costs.


Since the sellers from Taobao have an easier access to the products directly from the main source at factory prices. The high competition of other online shopping sites allows Taobao to set their prices to a lower standpoint as well as a low cost of doing online business which subsidizes the price advantage.

Vast range of products

There are roughly 400,000 items ranging from electronics to kitchen & dining that will be specially curated for the Malaysia market. The range of products is customized base on the top selling products as well as customer reviews derived from the existing line-up of 1.5 billion products that are sold on the main Taobao website.

Local customer support

There are countless of unfortunate experiences of Taobao direct users who tries to confront their seller regarding loss of goods, defected goods, etc. Using a good shipping agent is also convenient because one can get the necessary local customer support.