While big, international skin care brands are dominating the market, there are an array of local, homegrown brands with qualities that are still on par. Tabita Malaysia and its skin care is one of the local brands, hailing all the way from Indonesia. To find out more about Tabita skin care, read the article here.

Tabita Face Skin Care

How to Effectively Use Tabita Skin Care in Malaysia

Although Tabita skin care products are highly effective in whitening and treating all types of skin conditions, many new users are not using it to its fullest. There are certain steps that you need to follow when using Tabita skin care products. When used in the right way, you will see positive results instantly.

Begin with facial soap

The Tabita facial soap is able to get rid of any leftover makeup or impurities like excessive sebum and flaky, dry skin. Dampen the face with warm water and gently massage a generous amount of Tabita facial soap onto the face. It’s recommended that you use circular, upward motions to prevent early aging signs and maintain the skin’s elasticity. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry with a clean towel.

Next, toning

In every package of Tabita skin care products, whether it’s the regular or exclusive set, you will receive a smooth lotion. This smooth lotion acts as a toner that you can add into your skin care regimen. After cleansing your face, moist a cotton pad with 3 to 5 drops of this smooth lotion and distribute it evenly all over the face and the neck.

Use day cream when the sun’s out

The Tabita day cream acts as both a moisturizing cream and a sunblock. Tabita knows how harsh the tropical weather and sunlight can be so this day cream will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Once the toner has dried on your face and neck, apply the day cream evenly as well.

Or night cream when the moon’s shining bright

Tabita has already provided you with the day cream, so it makes sense for them to give you the night cream as well in their regular and exclusive sets. Night creams are meant to keep your face hydrated when you’re sleeping and keep the sebum level balanced. Just like the day cream, apply the night cream evenly after putting on your Tabita smooth lotion toner.

What to keep in mind when using Tabita skin care products

Tabita heals and peels away all the dead skin, revealing a smooth, brighter skin underneath. That’s why after a couple of days of using Tabita skin care, your face will likely to peel and itch. This is normal and it means that the products are effectively getting rid of your dead skin layers.

When the skin is still healing, it’s best that you also use Tabita makeup products that are harmless and made without free radicals. Tabita offers face powder, perfect for oily skin and for daily use. It’s lightweight and will keep your skin looking natural. Other than the powder, Tabita also has a matte foundation to keep the oil at bay for hours.