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Swiss Eagle Watches – a brand dedicated to the craftsmanship of watches

When it comes to watches, you would want a piece that would obviously be able to say the time but with some other plus points too. Most men would look for watches that would be able to lift their style, add class to their ensemble and features that would help them in their daily activities while the ladies would like timepieces that would add beauty to their wrist, with glam and sophistication that would make them the limelight. The amazing range of timepieces from Swiss Eagle does just that and everything else. Those who said that class and elegance cannot not be bought does not know what Swiss Eagle watches are capable off.

Swiss Eagle Watches, channelling the power of the most magnificent bird

Founded by Hans Noll, Swiss Eagle got their name and inspiration from a creature, a native magnificent bird found in the peaks of the Alps. The Swiss Eagles, the beautiful creature is known for their tremendous agility, with amazing strength like no other and a power that is greatly feared by other animals. Agility, strength and power, those are the exact qualities found in the timepieces created under the Swiss Eagle brand.

Hans wanted to create a collection that would meet the demands of different individuals when it comes to watches – the one that lives an active kind of lifestyle, the one who is always on the go and the one whole life is just like a fish. Swiss Eagle offers a range of sports watches with high quality performance without leaving out the great attributes of its namesake, the great creature from the Alps with unbelievable precision, power and dynamics.

Swiss Eagle Watches, changing the way you look at time

Dependable, created according to the certain themes that will surely suit that specific lifestyle, great quality and obviously style - these are what watches from Swiss Eagle are all about. They understand how demanding an active, busy and hardworking lifestyle can be which is why he wanted to provide the world with a way to do modish timekeeping while they are at it.

Under Swiss Eagle, you would be able to find 3 different collection – DIVE, FLY and FIELD, names that reflects the kind of dynamics and rigorous lifestyle the watches from each category can cater to. The DIVE collection is mainly used for the sea, diving or even snorkeling activities, Fly for when you are high up in the air while the FIELD watches for when you have your feet rooted deep in the ground of the earth.

These collections were not only named as such for style or as an attention grabber but the watches under each of these collection are true to the kind of functionality needed for when you are in the deep in the sea, high above it or when you are on land.

The best Swiss Eagle Watches

These are the watches from Swiss Eagle that you need today.

  • Swiss Eagle Landmaster SE-9044-01 Men’s Watch
  • Swiss Eagle Engineer SE-9063-11 Men’s Watch
  • Swiss Eagle Sea Bridge SE-9001-66 Men’s Watch
  • Swiss Eagle Fleet SE 9008-22 Men’s Watch
  • Swiss Eagle Dufaux SE 9066-01 Men’s Watch
  • Swiss Eagle Polar King SE-9053-22 Men’s Watch
  • Swiss Eagle Zermatt SE 9056-33 Men’s Watch
  • Swiss Eagle Talon SE-9025-33 Men’s Watch
  • Swiss Eagle Flight Deck SE-9023-01 Men’s Watch
  • Swiss Eagle Battalion SE 6033-66 Women’s Watch

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