Do you want to buy the perfect mattress to match your sleep requirements? Is your back aching from the mediocre bedding set that you have been using for years? Do you want to replace it with one of the best mattress options available in Malaysia? Sweet Dream provides exactly what you desire.

What is the best mattress for you? | Where can you buy Sweet Dream Products?
SweetDream Bedroom Products

Sweet Dream- Your Companion For The Perfect Slumber

Sleep is a crucial component of a person’s health and well-being. Sleep deprivation can cause several health issues that can easily be avoided by a satisfactory snooze. Low-quality mattresses and pillows are infamous major contributors to poor quality sleep, ergo, it is necessary to have the right mattress and pillow for a blissful night of delightful dreaming so that you wake up alert, fresh, and ready to dive right into the tasks of the following day.

What is the best mattress for you?

To choose the perfect mattress, you need to first understand what you prefer when it comes to the base of the mattress.

Memory Form

If you like a softer, pressure-relieving property for the base, look for memory foam, Sweet Dream Mattress. Compare the thickness and quality of the foam material to determine how shallow or deep you may sink.


Sweet Dream spring mattresses on the other hand offer the nostalgic bouncier base. The coils inside the spring mattress also reduce the ripple effect caused by the movement of someone else on the bed.

The best pillows and bolsters

  • Hygienic Pillow and Bolster - Manufactured with antibacterial technology and is chemical-free to keep your loved ones protected.
  • Polyester Pillow and Bolster - Packed with high-quality polyfill and super durable.
  • Latex Bolster - The millions of tiny air pockets keeps the bolster well ventilated and fresh.
  • Microfiber Pillow - Light, airy, comfortable and cloud-like without compromising support.

Where can you buy Sweet Dream Products?

You can easily purchase Sweet Dream products online. However, if you do intend to explore options the choices are limitless. With approximately more than 30 stores and outlets that sell Sweet Dream mattresses, you can easily purchase them from the nearest Sweet Dream furniture stores or affiliated partners including multiple outlets in malls such as the Citta Mall, Mid Valley, and the Pavillion KL, in peninsular Malaysia alone.

Warranty registration

All Sweet Dream Mattresses come with a unique serial number that includes important information for identification. SweetDreams website provides a form to register the warranty that comes with the purchased mattress.