Out of all the vitamins we need to take for our overall well-being, vitamin C is probably one of the most important. Not saying that the other vitamins aren’t important, of course, but there are so many benefits and advantages of taking vitamin C supplements. To know more about the benefits, read the article here.


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The Benefits of Vitamin C Supplements in Malaysia

It is no doubt that vitamin C is one of the most potent and effective nutrients that our body needs. Daily intake of vitamin C is crucial so we can maintain our good health and well-being. Before we begin, it’s important to understand what vitamin C is. In a nutshell, this nutrient is a powerful antioxidant and helps the body repairs itself. It aids in the formation of bones, blood vessels, tissues, and skin. Vitamin C can be found abundantly in vegetables and fruits.

While many know the importance of this nutrient and its supplements, most don’t know the benefits of vitamin C. Well, here are the benefits of vitamin C and what it does for your body.

  1. Aids regeneration. Whether its tissue regeneration or blood vessel multiplication, vitamin C can make sure this process goes smoothly as possible.
  2. Prevents scurvy. Lack of vitamin C intake will lead to scurvy where you will feel more fatigued, red blood cells will decrease, and bleeding on the skin may occur.
  3. Decreases cholesterol. If you enjoy eating oily junk food, consider upping up your intake of vitamin C because it can eliminate LDL cholesterol responsible for heart diseases.
  4. Protects against free radicals. Vitamin C neutralizes the side effects of chemicals and preservatives found in fast food and packaged products.
  5. Heals common cold. Okay, it doesn’t necessarily heal the cold right away but it does decrease the duration and symptoms of the cold.

The Best Supplements to Get Your Vitamin C Intake

You can always get your C vitamin intake from natural sources like fruits and veggies but it doesn’t hurt to take daily supplements to maximize the beneficial effects. Here are some of the best vitamin C supplements you can consider.

  • Bulk Supplements Vitamin C – This crystallized powder supplement only has one ingredient: pure ascorbic acid or vitamin C in its rawest form.
  • Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C 500 – The Nature’s Bounty vitamin C supplement is aimed to help strengthen the immune system.
  • Doctor’s Best Vitamin C – These vitamin C tablets comprising of synthetic ascorbic acid are easy to take daily.
  • Nature’s Way Vitamin C 1000 – The vitamin C in this supplement is not made in a lab and uses only natural, organic fruits as its main ingredient.
  • Spring Valley Vitamin C – With this supplement, your body will produce collagen easily and enhances the potency of antioxidants found in the body.

Vitamin C is Not Enough

Remember that only taking vitamin C supplements is not enough. You should also consider taking other supplements for vitamin D, vitamin E, or just get yourself a bottle of multivitamin supplement to get all the needed nutrients at once.