With the modern daily eating habits being often disrupted due to work and other stressful factors. People also tend to oversee the importance of daily nutrition. There are many kinds of multivitamins in Malaysia. Click here to learn more about them.


Everything you need to about multivitamins

Multivitamins are a one pill or tablet form that provides the basic essential vitamins or minerals. Yes, only the very basic needs are fulfilled, so you still need to consume a healthy and nutritious diet to completely fulfill your daily nutrition requirement. Multivitamins are just an easier and more convenient way of consuming part of your nutritional requirements. This is because not all nutrients are present in each multivitamin, nutrients like iron is sometimes omitted. Vitamin supplement manufacturers also produce essential vitamins and minerals in varying dosages, so do read and understand how much of what kind of vitamins are in your multivitamins. Read on to learn more about multivitamins.

Who needs multivitamins supplements?

So, who needs to take multivitamins? If you are of the following, maybe you should start considering adding multivitamins to your daily diet. It is important for both men and women to take multivitamins as it can be specially formulated for individual needs. For example, multivitamin for men can depend on the type of lifestyle they lead. On the other hand, multivitamin for women include folic acid (for child-bearing age and pregnant women), calcium, and vitamin D. In general, multivitamins are important for people of all ages particularly if they fall under the categories below:

  • If you don’t fancy vegetables or fruits or if your diet cannot otherwise be modified (yes, the poor people are the most affected by malnutrition). This is because you may have a higher risk for several nutrient deficiencies.
  • If you are earning a lower income and are financially unable to buy a wide variety of foods. (Ironically, this group is the least likely to consume multivitamins) So, think of donating some multivitamins when you want to help out the poor and unfortunate.
  • If you are just too lazy or too busy to eat proper meals. Multivitamins are a better purchasing option than the nutrients by themselves as they are concentrated and scientifically modified to be easily consumed by the body.
  • If you are a pregnant woman. This is because pregnant women have an increased need for folic acid and vitamin C, which is important for fetal development and to reduce complications associated with pregnancy in general.
  • If you are of older age. Elderly people can also benefit from multivitamins, as they tend to be at a higher risk for nutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin B12.
  • If your work environment exposes you to less favourable conditions. Jobs like doctors, teachers, nurses, the army force, labour work which are more prone to infection or hazardous working conditions will need multivitamins to sustain their nutrition needs.

But even if you don’t fulfil any of the above conditions, consuming multivitamins is not bringing any extra harm too as you are just going to add nutrients to your daily diet (not excessively too, cause multivitamins just add a small dose). Give yourself a leg up on your basic nutritional needs by getting multivitamins, consider it your daily gift to yourself and your loved ones.