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With the modern daily eating habits being often disrupted due to work and other stressful factors. People also tend to oversee the importance of daily nutrition. There are many kinds of multivitamins in Malaysia. Click here to learn more about them.

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Kordel's , Nutri-Time MultiVitamins & Minerals
RM 111.30

Comprehensive Nutritional Coverage: Meeting your nutritional needs According to the Malaysia Dietary Guidelines, healthy eating simply means consuming a varied diet that combines cereals, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, legumes and dairy products in the right portions. In short, it comprises of four characteristics: adequate, balanced, moderate and varied. However, it is often too idealistic for individuals to follow the dietary recommendation, hence causing nutritional shortfall in individuals, especially those who Skimp totally or partially on certain food groups Eat out (very) often Do not eat on time Do not plan their meals ahead Tend to binge eat Have increased nutritional demands Over time, these little discrepancies in nutrient intakes can mean a lot in causing health problems. Multivitamins offer an array of nutrients for good health and it is a convenient way to complement our modern diet. Kordel’s Nutri-Time: A nutritional insurance that fulfils your daily health needs 1. 36 multi-nutrients All the necessary vitamins and minerals are in place to complement our nutrient-deficient modern diet 2. All in one Conveniently packed with the key nutrients to keep you in good shape. Only one tablet, once daily. 3. Not just multivitamins per se On top of vitamins and minerals, it comes with food-form nutrients, phytonutrients, amino acids and digestive aids 4. Energy from 9am to 5pm A continuous supply of B-vitamins and other co-factors helps keep the energy production house running. 5. Product of USA A unique tableting technology that compresses 36 nutrients into 1 single, easy-to-swallow size, yet stable and potent throughout its shelf life. 6. Time-Tested Kordel’s Nutri-Time is one of the world’s first multivitamins, formulated by the founder, eminent nutritionist Dr. Lelord Kordel.

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MADE aily Maximin Pack Multivitamin and Mineral 6 Supplements Per Packet 30 Packets
RM 66.60

Maximum Strength for Men and Women With Lutein for Eye Health 30 Day Supply Dietary Supplement 6 Supplements Per Packet Balance B-100 Vitamin C Vitamin E Calcium Vitamin A & D Multivitamin Maximin Pack Tablets and Softgels are made to Nature Made's guaranteed purity and potency standards. The Maximin daily supplement program provides the high potency formulas of key vitamins and minerals that your active lifestyle demands. Men and women who lead vigorous and demanding schedules or who participate in high levels of physical activity may have an increased need for vitamins and minerals. Maximin provides convenient, take-anywhere packets designed to help you stay at peak performance all day. Like most Nature Made products, it contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Balanced B-100 Time Release B Vitamins help convert food into energy B Vitamins are also necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system. Our timed released formula extends the vitamin absorption by the body. Vitamin C 1,000 mg with Rose Hips Antioxidants - help support the immune system Vitamin C helps neutralize free radicals and helps iron get absorbed in the body. Vitamin C naturally occurs in Rose Hips. Vitamin E 1,000 I.U. Antioxidants help maintain a healthy heart Vitamin E also helps support the immune system. It helps maintain red blood cells and muscle tissues such as cardiac and skeletal muscles. Calcium 500 mg Helps build strong bones and may help prevent osteoporosis Adequate Calcium in a healthful diet is important for teen, young adults and post-menopausal women. Vitamin A & Vitamin D Assists nerve and eye function Beta carotene, stores in the body and converted to vitamin A as needed, also participates in tooth and bone formation. Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphorus levels in the body which help maintain healthy bones. Multivitamin/Multimineral with Lutein High potency formula Multivitamin/multimineral tablet provides 30 vitamins and minerals. Contains lutein for eye health Lutein is a primary carotenoid found in the retina and macular region of the eye. Adequate levels of Lutein are necessary in maintaining macular and retinal health. Lutein is not made in the body and only obtained through dietary sources.

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RM 75.00
Muscle Club Malaysia

130 Capsules à 456 mg One capsule covers 100% of the daily requirement of essential vitamins! For a healthy immune system! Optimized with free radical scavengers! ​ COVERS 100% DAILY REQUIREMENT OF VITAMINS WITH ONE CAPSULE! In particularly physically demanding work and in regular sports activities vitamins are increasingly being excreted in the sweat, causing a lack of essential vitamins. This should be compensated as soon as possible after physical exertion. Unfortunately, this is often very difficult with today's food. This is exactly why IronMaxx® Multivitamin has designed. The practical capsule form ensures a comfortable intake of essential vitamins, even when on the go. One capsule of multivitamin IronMaxx® a day is highly concentrated with 119 mg vitamins, making it ideally suitable to fill all the vitamin stores in the body. With optimal concentration and composition, the vitamins and minerals it contains fulfill many health-promoting functions. FOR A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM! The task of the immune system is to protect the body from harmful influences and thus to face the rigors of life. Here, a good nutritional status has a huge impact. Because only a good diet leads to an optimal immune system function. Unfortunately, there are often situations in which our immune system is heavily loaded and a variety of vitamins needed. For such purposes, Multivitamin was created. A complementary dietary supplement with Multivitamin from IronMaxx® supports healthy immune system function, in particular, given the composition and concentration of the individual vitamins, it ensures an optimal dosage and strong effect. ACTIVATION OF ENERGY METABOLISM! Daily stress and an unbalanced diet often bring the body to its limits. The consequences are ongoing fatigue and an increase in acid in metabolism. Multivitamin by IronMaxx® activates energy metabolism, strengthens the immune and nervous system and contributes to a healthy acid-base balance. For a healthy mental performance and psyche, multivitamin contains important vitamin C. In order to additionally reduce fatigue and tiredness in everyday life, the niacin content is of particular importance. In this combination, Immufuel® is your daily metabolism activator, in order to face the challenges of everyday life successfully. SPORTS AND VITAMINS - A WINNING COMBINATION! Sporting achievements and an adequate supply of vitamins are often linked more closely than one might initially assume. These contribute inter alia to normal muscle function and healthy bones. The B-complex vitamins have a number of important functions which are of particular importance during exercise. They support especially energy metabolism and ensure a normal synthesis of steroid hormones and neurotransmitters! Multivitamin also includes important antioxidants such as copper, selenium and vitamins A, C and E. Thus, the cells are protected from oxidative stress. THE BIOTIN CONTENT CONTRIBUTES TO - normal energy metabolism - normal function of the nervous system - normal metabolism of macronutrients - normal mental function THE NIACIN CONTENT CONTRIBUTES TO - normal energy metabolism - normal function of the nervous system - normal mental function - a reduction of tiredness and fatigue THE FOLIC ACID CONTENT CONTRIBUTES TO - normal amino acid synthesis - normal mental function - normal function of the immune system - a reduction of tiredness and fatigue - has a function in cell division - The Vitamin C it contains contributes to - normal energy metabolism - i n a normal synthesis, to a normal metabolism of steroid hormones, vitamin D and certain neurotransmitters - a reduction of tiredness and fatigue - normal mental performance THE VITAMIN A CONTENT CONTRIBUTES TO - normal iron metabolism - normal function of the immune system - a function in the cell specialization THE VITAMIN B1 IT CONTAINS CONTRIBUTES TO - normal energy metabolism - normal function of the nervous system - normal mental function - normal cardiac function THE VITAMIN B2 IT CONTAINS CONTRIBUTES TO - normal energy metabolism - normal function of the nervous system - normal iron metabolism - helping protect cells against oxidative stress - a reduction of tiredness and fatigue THE VITAMIN B2 IT CONTAINS CONTRIBUTES TO - normal energy metabolism - normal function of the nervous system - normal mental function - normal function of the immune system - a reduction of tiredness and fatigue - has a function in cell division THE VITAMIN B6 IT CONTAINS CONTRIBUTES TO - normal energy metabolism - normal function of the nervous system - normal protein and glycogen metabolism - normal mental function - normal function of the immune system - a reduction of tiredness and fatigue THE VITAMIN C IT CONTAINS CONTRIBUTES TO - normal function of the immune system during or after intense physical activity - normal energy metabolism - normal function of the nervous system - normal mental function - normal function of the immune system - helping protect cells against oxidative stress - a reduction of tiredness and fatigue THE VITAMIN D IT CONTAINS CONTRIBUTES TO - normal calcium levels in the blood - maintaining normal bone - maintaining normal muscle function - normal function of the immune system - has a function in cell division THE VITAMIN D IT CONTAINS CONTRIBUTES TO helping protect cells against oxidative stress THE VITAMIN D IT CONTAINS CONTRIBUTES TO - normal blood clotting - maintaining normal bone

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Everything you need to about multivitamins

Multivitamins are a one pill or tablet form that provides the basic essential vitamins or minerals. Yes, only the very basic needs are fulfilled, so you still need to consume a healthy and nutritious diet to completely fulfill your daily nutrition requirement. Multivitamins are just an easier and more convenient way of consuming part of your nutritional requirements. This is because not all nutrients are present in each multivitamin, nutrients like iron is sometimes omitted. Vitamin supplement manufacturers also produce essential vitamins and minerals in varying dosages, so do read and understand how much of what kind of vitamins are in your multivitamins. Read on to learn more about multivitamins.

Who needs multivitamins supplements?

So, who needs to take multivitamins? If you are of the following, maybe you should start considering adding multivitamins to your daily diet. It is important for both men and women to take multivitamins as it can be specially formulated for individual needs. For example, multivitamin for men can depend on the type of lifestyle they lead. On the other hand, multivitamin for women include folic acid (for child-bearing age and pregnant women), calcium, and vitamin D. In general, multivitamins are important for people of all ages particularly if they fall under the categories below:

  • If you don’t fancy vegetables or fruits or if your diet cannot otherwise be modified (yes, the poor people are the most affected by malnutrition). This is because you may have a higher risk for several nutrient deficiencies.
  • If you are earning a lower income and are financially unable to buy a wide variety of foods. (Ironically, this group is the least likely to consume multivitamins) So, think of donating some multivitamins when you want to help out the poor and unfortunate.
  • If you are just too lazy or too busy to eat proper meals. Multivitamins are a better purchasing option than the nutrients by themselves as they are concentrated and scientifically modified to be easily consumed by the body.
  • If you are a pregnant woman. This is because pregnant women have an increased need for folic acid and vitamin C, which is important for fetal development and to reduce complications associated with pregnancy in general.
  • If you are of older age. Elderly people can also benefit from multivitamins, as they tend to be at a higher risk for nutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin B12.
  • If your work environment exposes you to less favourable conditions. Jobs like doctors, teachers, nurses, the army force, labour work which are more prone to infection or hazardous working conditions will need multivitamins to sustain their nutrition needs.

But even if you don’t fulfil any of the above conditions, consuming multivitamins is not bringing any extra harm too as you are just going to add nutrients to your daily diet (not excessively too, cause multivitamins just add a small dose). Give yourself a leg up on your basic nutritional needs by getting multivitamins, consider it your daily gift to yourself and your loved ones.