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Superdry Malaysia: Where it came from?

Superdry is a brand born out of a Tokyo trip inspiration and was founded in 2003 by Julian Dunkerton and James Holder. The products from Superdry boasts ultra-soft cotton, incredible tailoring, and authentic vintage washes coupled with Japanese inspired graphics. The initial collection of five t-shirts that included the iconic ‘Osaka 6’ made famous by David Beckham has now grown into a seasonal collection that includes over 500 distinctive logos. Superdry has now become available in over 100 countries worldwide and is being sold through more than 400 global retail outlets. With Superdry coming up with boldly fashionable street trends for every season, it’s a good thing that Superdry is available in Malaysia too!

Superdry Malaysia: Corporal Slim Jeans

A good pair of jeans is essential in everybody’s wardrobe which is why the Corporal Slim Jeans is one of the bestsellers from Superdry Malaysia. This pair of jeans come in a flattering slim cut with its signature logo embroidered right on top of the front jeans pocket. Available in a variety of shades and colours, it would be a breeze for you to pick your favourite shade depending on the occasion or use. For a more casual laid back vibe, opt for a lighter wash like the Ink Blue or the Light Blue that is perfect for pairing with lighter coloured tops and t-shirts. For dinner outings or to pair with darker tops, go for the Double Blue which is an incredibly flattering colour highly recommended for those who want to seem taller and slimmer.

Superdry Malaysia: Copperfill Loose Jeans

Looking for the ultimate comfortable pair of jeans without compromising on style? Copperfill Loose Jeans from Superdry Malaysia might just be the one for you! Available in a variety of colours, the bestselling pairs are of a darker wash like the Vintage Dark Blue and the Copper Raw. Suitable for those with wider hips and waists, these jeans will make you appear slimmer by balancing out your proportions.

Superdry Malaysia: Wilson Jogger Jeans

Bored of the same old same old? Switch it up with a fashion forward pair like the Wilson Jogger Jeans that is of a slim cutting with a tapered fit. Enhance your silhouette while ensuring you look your fashionable best with the variety of colours that Superdry Malaysia has to offer. This pair also comes with the signature brand embroidery on top of the front jeans pocket and is made with a pure cotton blend that is comfortable in every weather condition.

Superdry Malaysia: Not just for a pair of jeans

Have you already found the best pair of jeans for yourself? Then, it’s time to look for matching t-shirts and shirts here at Superdry Malaysia too!