Are you a big fan of contemporary pop culture? And do you like the fusion of different cultures? If your answer is yes, then you would surely be a fan of Superdry, an exciting contemporary brand that focuses on high-quality products that integrate vintage Americana and Japanese inspired graphic with a British style. Superdry Malaysia is the perfect symbolization of 3 different cultures and styles.

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Superdry Malaysia, a blend of cultures

Superdry, is a brand that is backed and owned by the all-powerful and mighty SuperGroup that has proved itself to be the indestructible superhero on the high street. This brand was set up in 2003 by Julian Dunkerton and James Holder and was greatly inspired by a research trip to Tokyo. (hence the Japanese wording). Superdry revolves around top-notch quality products that fuse vintage American vibe and Japanese inspired illustrations with a British style and is created for the bold and the courageous.

Since its opening, the label has consistently outperformed its competition and made sure that no one can be on par with them. Today, Superdry has over 60 stores in the United Kingdom and sold in more than 100 different countries all over the globe. Although this label loves to stay under the radar, its unique style did not miss the lurking eyes of Hollywood style savvy’s like David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Helena Christensen, Kristen Stewart, Ben Stiller and even Dancing with the Star winner, Derek Hough.

Superdry Malaysia, A British brand with Japanese wordings and American vibe

No one knows the appeal of Superdry as it a brand where its broadness of style is just out of reach. If Zara is labelled as the “catwalk trends on the cheap”, then Superdry is a label with a messy Venn diagram. It’s sporty in a way that say you do sports when you don’t even move an inch of your muscle and it's faux-vintage and authentic for those who don’t like to go through the rails in a thrift store.

This label combines the American lifestyle trend with Japanese fonts but the company is based in Cheltenham, England. You can put Superdry in the same circle as Abercrombie, Jack Wills, Gap, Uniqlo and AllSaints but be rest assured that Superdry will prevail and trounce these other labels. No one knows how this label continues to stay on top of the popularity ladder but you can be sure that Superdry is one brand that knows how to pull their fashion trick off.

Superdry graphic tee and jackets, products too popular to ignore

Superdry is a global lifestyle brand that never fails to deliver dynamic style. Impeccable quality materials, genuine vintage washes, greater eye for details, world-leading, unique hand-drawn graphics, and tailored fits with a vast variety of styling are the essential qualities of Superdry. From their bestselling t-shirts that were made popular by David Beckham, to the warm and comfy jackets that are always gone before they even reach the racks, Superdry knows how to make an impact in the fashion industry.

Superdry Graphic Tee

Although Superdry produces everything under the sun, from watches to fragrances, their bread and butter lies in their clothing, mainly their t-shirts. Because of the unique cross pollination of American, Japanese and British flair, these T-shirts have been adopted by various groups, as the choice of fashion. Superdry is nothing like Burberry (whose clothes are associated with higher class working youths) or any other high street brands, as they are worn by people from every walk of life. Here are why these graphic tee triumphs among other labels:

  • Distinctive styles and interesting patterns to suit all personality
  • Made to last (color does not fade even after years of washing)
  • Variety of designs and cuts (embroidered, extra pockets, tank tops, rolled sleeves, V necks)
  • Available in both men and ladies silhouettes
  • Has a vintage ‘aged’ look that the brand is known for
  • Perfect for the cool and the warm weather (made from cotton)

Superdry Jackets

Superdry has the widest range of jackets and coats to keep you warm and snug during the cold, chilly moments. Their mixture of Japanese with modern urban chic makes their jackets ultra-modern yet extremely practical. Their Wincheaters are the best when it comes to keeping warm. Why?

  • Features inside zip pockets, drawstring hems
  • Made of waterproof materials with polar fleece lining
  • Combines ripstop fabrics with a double-layer collar.
  • Triple-layer zip with a coloured middle one, ribbed cuffs, front zip pockets
  • Durable

Brace yourself, winter is coming with the Wincheaters.

Superdry Malaysia, a brand of wonder and amazement

You might be wondering what with the extremely unique brand name? The name, Superdry was coined by the brand’s co-founders, Julian Dunkerton and James Holder. It was a result of a brainstorming session in a Tokyo bar where they collected tons of packaging for food and from different shops that everything was ‘super’ this and ‘super ‘that’.

This was the inspiration behind the name Superdry. When they came back to Britain, Holder gave his designs a Japanese touch by adding the words ‘super dry’ in Japanese letters 極度乾燥しなさい (kyokudo kansou do), above the English name which you can see clearly in the label’s logo.

A significant KICK start for Superdry

It might come as a shock to you but Superdry got its popularity thanks to David Beckham. One day, while walking through town, Holder came across David Beckham’s calender. He looked at the t-shirt that he was wearing and boy was he surprised for THE DAVID BECKHAM, the all-time best football player was wearing a graphic tee from Superdry.

This was indeed an incredible moment to know that even without endorsing a celebrity, Superdry is loved by many. The Osaka 6 ‘Big Number’ tee which was worn by David was probably one of the simplest t-shirt that Holder ever created and one that is the most replicated too.

Get the amazing Osaka 6 or a warm Windcheater or just anything else from Superdry only at iprice.