Travel around the world with Jett and his friends with Super-Wings in Malaysia. Click here to read about some of the best toys offered from the product.


Top 5 products from Super-Wings in Malaysia

A show that promotes themes of cooperation, problem solving, and working together, Super-Wings toys have the same transforming abilities that are shown in the animation series. Moreover, the toys from Super-Wings in Malaysia allow children to use their skills and strength to solve problems while making new friends and learning about different cultures along the way. Time to grab your passport and join the Super Wings Malaysia characters in their adventure as they deliver packages to all the kids in the world. Take a look at some of their top products below.

World Airport Playset

The World Airport is the popular base of the Super Wings cast. This toy set is a 35-inch scale that provides loads of fun with its electronic sounds and lights, giving kids tons of ways to recreate their scenes from their favorite episodes of the Super Wings Malaysia. This play set comes with the many items such as Transform-a-bots: Jett and Donnie, a 35 inch World Airport playset, spinning fly bar for two characters, lift that transports characters up to the tower and much more. The mini-transforming characters like Jett and Donnie can be attached to the fly bar and will spin to circle the World Airport then later on coming to a smooth landing.

Pack’ N Go Playset New York

The Pack’ n Go set can make the fans of the show take the fun along with them wherever they go. This toy set takes the form of the show’s iconic Special Delivery package featured in all the episodes of the Super Wings Malaysia, and it reveals a fully featured New York themed playset. The playset features the city of New York and Jerome, flying as high as the city’s skyscrapers. The playset can be folded into a neat box that has a handle for an easy-to-carry-package to bring with you on the go. It also comes with a transform-a-bot Jerome, ramps and turnstiles that will provide action for Jeome, and a Statue of Liberty ramp.

Transforming Super-Wings toys

This airplane model would make ideal toys for any toddler out there. Currently, there are six available which are the popular characters from the cartoon series. There’s Bello, Dizzy, Donnie, Jerome, Jett, and Paul. All of the toys stand at 5-inches tall and the best part is that they do not require any batteries whatsoever. The function of the toys is that they can transform from planes to robots in seconds with just 10 easy steps. Thus, this is perhaps one of the more toddler-friendly Super-Wings toys.

Super-Wings transform-a-bots 4 pack

Another transforming toy from the product range, this is one of the more affordable toys if you are ever on a budget. The set comes with 4 figures and there are two different packs available. The different packs feature different characters. For example, one of the transforms-a-bots packs includes Dizzy, Donnie, Jerome, and Bello, while the other pack features Jett, Mira, Paul, and Grand Albert. Similar to the transforming Super-Wings toys, it can transform from plane to robot in 3 easy steps.

Jett’s runway playset

Jett who is the main protagonist of the series draws certain similarities to Lightning McQueen from Disney Cars. That is the reason why he is the main and most popular character in the show. The Jett runway playset comes with Vroom ‘N Zoom Jett which includes two types of composition that will give your child tons of entertainment. It also comes with accessories such as the spinning comm screen and mini delivery package which gives your child more things to play with. Simply twist the handle and push the button so it allows Jett to zoom through the hangar door and be on time for his deliveries.

Other products from Super-Wings that might interest you

Vroom ‘n Zoom

This toy is a vehicle type of toy which could sprint a couple of meters by pulling it back and releasing it. Jet speed your way to the next mission with Jett and his Super-Wing friends. The Vroom n Zoom features all the characters in the show, and they are sold separately. There are no batteries required for this toy and he can even do a super wheelie.

Donnie workshop playset

Everyone’s favourite yellow plane, Donnie is also known to be the repairman of the team where he makes or repairs a range of items or projects by utilizing his handy tool kit. The Donnie’s workshop playset has a cool-looking design that will be loved by every child. It also comes with the Vroom ‘n Zoom set as mentioned above which shows that Super-Wings in Malaysia has an ample of cool toys available.

Do checkout other merchandises which are stationery, clothing’s, and bedroom only from Super-Wings in Malaysia.