Travel with ease using the best luggages from Summit Malaysia! Summit has an extensive array of luggages, travel bags, and other accessories that would make your trip more convenient. Scroll down below to view our selection of Summit luggages in Malaysia and other items or read more about the brand.


Travel in Style with Summit Malaysia

Travelling is a great recreational experience that you can enjoy alone or with some company. On your check list of travel essentials is a trusty travel bag or luggage that would keep your clothes, gadgets, and other necessary items safe as you travel. For frequent travelers, investing in a good quality bag is a must to ensure convenience and comfort. Invest in a good luggage like Summit Malaysia and their extensive array of items that would make your escapade more comfortable!

About Summit Malaysia

When it comes to trolley cases, suitcases, business bags, computer bags, purses, or travel bags and luggage, nothing is better than Summit Malaysia. Established in 1994, Summit has provided many travellers with security and safety of their belongings while travelling. With a passion to build a world-class brand in a professional, sophisticated, and glamorous manner, Summit has become a choice for many seasoned travellers across Asia and the rest of the world. Sold in more than 80 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America, Summit is a renowned name in providing baggage solutions for travellers.

5 Different Types of Luggages with Summit Malaysia

When looking online for the perfect travel bag, the first thing that you need to do is find the right type of luggage that would suit your travel plans. There are five most popular type of travel luggage that you should know of:

  1. Oversized luggage
  2. Lightweight luggage
  3. Spinner luggage
  4. Hardside luggage
  5. Duffel bags and packs

Oversized Luggage

If you think you are spending a long time abroad, then an oversized luggage would be a perfect companion for you. Because of its relatively large compartment, you can store and carry plenty amounts of clothes and other necessities that you might need when travelling. You can pack everything that you want without worrying too much about running out of room.

Lightweight Luggage

Durable, easy to transport, and can fit in your overhead compartment, a lightweight luggage is a great choice if you don’t want your bags to weigh you down when travelling. A lightweight luggage has a large compartment but not as big as the oversized luggage. If you are looking for a lightweight luggage, then a Summit 28 inch PC1164 luggage would certainly suit you.

Spinner Luggage

Like the lightweight luggage, the spinner luggage is also an easy-to-transport type of luggage with wheels that can spin up to 360 degrees. You can easily heave, pull, or push a spinner luggage without exerting too much effort. A spinner luggage like the Summit 20 inch PC338T4 luggage would be something you would be interested in.

Hardside Luggage

Perhaps one of the most common and most popular choice of luggage, a hardside luggage is a type of luggage that has a protective outer shell made from reinforced plastic. This protective shell is resilient against pressure and harsh environments, keeping your items safe. The Summit 20 inch PC1164 luggage can take you anywhere and everywhere!

Duffel Bags and Packs

If you prefer a carry on with a large compartment that could fit in the overhead compartment, you would prefer a duffel bag or any kind of large backpack. A duffel bag can be used in a variety of ways, and one of them is for travelling. You can also use a large backpack like the Summit Travelling bag.

Summit Malaysia - How to Buy the Right Luggage

Summit Malaysia has a wide selection of travel bags that you can use on your trips. Whether for business or liesure, you can be sure that your clothes, gadgets and other travel necessities are safe with your Summit bag. So, if you are shopping for the perfect Summit travel bag or luggage, here are some helpful tips that you should consider:


When shopping for luggages online, you should consider how large your Summit luggage to be. The size depends on how long you are travelling, essentially, the more stuff you carry, the larger the luggage.


While a Summit luggage typically comprises of one large compartment to store your clothes, it can also have several pockets for smaller items like toiletries, stationery, etc. If you want a bag with multiple compartments, then you can opt for a duffel bag.

Hard or Soft

While hard-cased luggages are preferred because of its robust body and protective shell, it can also be hard to squeeze into overhead compartments and might need to be checked in. Soft luggages on the other hand, can have less protection but are pretty easy to squeeze into compartments which can save you baggage money. Either way, when choosing a luggage, make sure they are of good quality like Summit Malaysia.

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