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Create your own scarf style with Sugarscarf Malaysia

Other than diamonds, fashion is a girl’s best friend. Malaysia being a multi-racial country has a big consumer market for cultural diversity. The diversity of faiths also creates a whole new fashion demand which are inter-related. In this era, there are big changes that can be seen in the Muslim women’s fashion and the rise of the hijabista (a fashionista in a hijab). The hijab can be categorized as a headscarf or a modest way of dressing in maintaining the Muslimah faith. Now, going beyond the purpose, the Hijab is also used as a main element in accessorizing, Muslim women can still dress up in these modern days modestly and still look fabulous and urban chic. Thanks to Sugarscarf, hijabista everywhere will surely be spoiled with their endless scarf choices. Revamp your look with Sugarscarf collection that are of different designs and patterns available. Walk with style and confidence when you wear Sugarscarf’s most popular collection the Sugarscarf Madison collection and turn heads everywhere you go. Here are different ways you can style your hijab!

Basic hijab style

This hijab style are for those want a quick and efficient day-to-day look. First and foremost, drape the long rectangular scarf over your head. After that, make use of a shawl pin to pin up both sides of the scarf under your chin. The loose ends should be flipped behind your opposite shoulder.

Pinless hijab style

It is possible to style your hijab without a pin as well, particularly if you’re running late for class or work. The hijab does not have to be perfect because it will look nice even if you mess the style up. Simply take a long rectangular scarf and casually wrap it around your head once, then throw it over your shoulders. This style is similar to the basic hijab except it does not require any pins.

Hijab with accessories

Revamp your plain ol' hijab with a little sparkle and shine! You can do so by making use of some jewelry to accessorize the loose ends of the hijab. Another creative way to do so is to insert a couple of rings to the loose corner of the scarf which hangs down one side of your face. For a more bolder look, you can opt for a head jewelry chain, making it ideal for your for you next Instagram post.

On the other hand, earrings can also be part of the accessories to give your hijab a different look. Make sure to tie your hijab just slightly behind your earlobe and pop on your earrings to complete the look. Another way of wearing it is to go for the turban style, where you wrap your scarf along the hairline and tie it at the nape of your neck.

Side-pinned hijab

One of the most common hijab styles everywhere around the world which is due to the fact that it is a easy and practical style that can be worn daily. You can simply wrap the scarf around your head and utilise a scarf pin to secure it on one side of your head. Look stylish without having to put much effort as it takes less than 2 minutes and the best part is that it would not budge no matter how active you are throughout the entire day.

Arabic hijab style

Inspired by the Arabs, this style is known to be voluminous and the bigger, the better. This is because; Arab women love to volume up when it comes to their hijab styles. This is particularly beneficial if you have long hair, so that you can style your hair into an updo and wrap the scarf around it several times.

Hijab style for glasses

The most important tip for this style is not to wrap it too tightly around your head as the glasses might hurt your eats. Thus, the best way to make this style work is to utilise an under scarf cap so that you can wrap the hijab loosely around your head. Now you can put on your glasses comfortably.

Modern hijab style

The modern day hijabista loves styles that are functional yet kept to a minimal. The latest hijab trend is to make use of unembellished monochrome scarves that are draped without any pins. This look can be done by draping the scarf casually around the head and then wrap the both ends around the neck. Complete this dainty hijab style by letting the both ends fall loosely down the front.

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