Finding the perfect outfit to impress your friends on a night out is easy again with SUB’s selection of trendy threads. Read more on how to put together a good outfit for a clubbing event here.

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Dressing properly for a night out can be intimidating especially if you haven’t done it before. For beginners and well-seasoned veterans of a good time, SUB clothing is a good place to start for urban clothing that reflects the latest trends in fashion. It’s easy to catch a man’s eye with a SUB dress or stand out in a crowd of men who don’t know how to dress with a SUB shirt. Party clothes shouldn’t be complicated and they don’t have to be. Here are a few easy rules to looking good for an exciting evening with your friends.

Easy Rules for Putting Together the Perfect Clubbing Outfit

Determine Your Preferred Fashion Style

If this is your first night out and you’re scrabbling to put together an outfit that will pass muster, first and foremost you must remember this: dress like yourself. Don’t try to dress like your friends if they don’t share your style. The whole point of a night out is to have fun so your clothes should reflect you at your most confident. So if you’d like to stand out, wear those bright neon colours already in your wardrobe. If you prefer to blend in, go ahead with those darker tones.

Mix-and-Match Tones

There is one tiny caveat to dressing in whatever colours you like: you cannot wear all-black outfits. Well, you can but you shouldn’t. The club’s lighting is dim enough and the room busy enough that if your outfit is dark from head to toe, it’s likely you’ll blend into the point of invisibility. It would make it that much more difficult for your friends to locate you. And while you might not have set out to the club for a flirt, it doesn’t hurt to catch an admiring eye or two. Something which is definitely impossible if you’re blending into the wall with a solid dark tone. So pair those dark khakis with a light top. Play it up.

Leave Your Good Shoes At Home

Leave your new pair of shiny loafers, or your favourite pair of red kitten heels on the doorstep, and pick something older and more comfortable for the night out. While your outfit might be improved with your favourite pair of brand new shoes, the truth of the matter is that you’ll be spending the entire night on your feet with plenty of people shuffling around you, scuffing your shoes despite your best efforts at avoiding them. In short, don’t wear your favourite pair of shoes if you don’t want people stepping on them. Don’t wear a pair of shoes that cannot sustain your comfort for the whole night because if someone cute asks you to dance, do you really want achy feet to detract from that experience?

Spice Things Up with Accessories

If you think your outfit is looking a little drab, a little too much like your regular daytime outfit, spruce it up for the nightclub with some accessories. It can be anything from something small and quirky like a bowtie (if you’re wearing a dark shirt, get a light-toned bowtie and vice versa) to a loud statement piece like a fake diamante hairband or a watch with a light-up face (which would be really useful in a particularly dim club). Think of it as your regular outfit but with the volume turned all the way up to eleven.

When In Doubt Don the Oxford Shirt

While T-shirts are permissible in a club if it has enough bling on it, if you want to make sure your outfit is dressy enough, the simple dress shirt is the safest bet. It strikes the right note between casual and festive dress and you can accessorise it to feel as elaborate or as plain as you like. Add a tie, a brooch, a pocket square. Anything you fancy. Pair with bottoms that contrast well with the shirt (see above: Mix-and-match Tones) and you’re ready to go.

Don’t Be Afraid of Joggers

It’s 2017 and comfort is the name of the game. How else would you explain the popularity of joggers and rompers in nearly all the commercial fashion lines? If you can now wear jumpsuits to work, you can most certainly rock a pair of joggers to the club. Part of the athleisure trend, joggers are basically sweatpants with a cut tapered enough to look like loose slacks. The effect it gives is a sharp outfit with twice the assured comfort. And after the first two hours of writhing on the dance floor, you will thank them for it.

Check the Club’s Dress Code

Every nightclub has its own vibe and as such as it own rules about dressing. While the easy uniform of shirt and slacks/skirt works for most places, you will enjoy the experience more if you go along with the atmosphere the club wishes to set. Ease up with a T-shirt or a tank. Dress it up with a button up or a chiffon top. If you want to extract as much fun as you can from the night, dress for the part.

Have Fun

What we wear is a form of self-expression; a declaration of who we are to the world. This is true for even the less sartorially-inclined, whether they like it or not. So if our clothes are a declaration, we might as well make it a message worth paying attention to. Once you’re done putting together your outfit, look at yourself in the mirror and check if you like the declaration you are making. Then put on your best smile and walk out the door. The party ain’t gonna start till you walk in.