Hip hop culture is one of the most significant social influence since the 70s. A community of rappers, skateboarders, graffiti artists and other street performers came together and spread their philosophy globally through this unique form of art. But not until Shawn Stussy stepped in and moulded the urban lifestyle that hip hop culture started to bloom. Let’s take a closer look into this internationally renowned label- Stussy Malaysia.


Stussy – The signifier of the global hip hop culture

The world as we know today is a ‘melting pot’ of various cultures and religions and each community has their own belief which is usually represented through its social customs and behaviour. The hip hop culture is, amongst them all, one of the most widely celebrated lifestyle no matter where you are from.

The virtual castle of hip hop artists and skaters were constructed back in the 70s with South Bronx’s DJs being the pioneers. However, at that point, these performers have yet to find the common voice that could represent their culture. There was this young boy who wasn’t satisfied with the ordinary clothing style and surfboard designs who stepped into the jungle of artists to create the uniquely designed label of surfwear and streetwear – the legendary Shawn Stussy.

Shawn Stussy and his namesake company had given the hip hop culture a universal signifier through its urban outfits, innovatively designed surfboards and so on. The Stussy brand was born in the heart of America, with laid back California vibes and Stussy’s own passion for surfboards since he was only 10. The brand’s logo was sketched by the Founder himself, which is the graffiti lettering of his uncle’s signature (artist Jan Stussy). With the help of his business partner, Frank Sinatra Jr., his Stussy was soon embraced by the hip hop enthusiasts in the USA and quickly had its presence in Europe by 1988.

Are you ready to make a style statement?

Unique, rebel and liberal are what people see in the urban hip hop culture. But it is also a strong style statement that reveals only the most aesthetic aspect of an individual’s lifestyle.

Stussy’s youthful designs of streetwear are those hoodies, bomber jackets, sweatpants, graphic tees and other accessories that can be worn at any time of a day. They are the infusion of various music preferences, from punk-rock to pop culture with a quintessential touch of the current trending styles so that everyone can find a bit of themselves in Stussy. People refer to Stussy as surfwear, streetwear and such but Shawn Stussy intended to leave it as just a clothing label made for people. “I don’t name it, and I don’t name it on purpose.” - Shawn Stussy

Besides a strong urban America lifestyle, Stussy also embedded a unique look of Japanese art culture on its modern designs in the latest collection by Tyrone Lebon. The brand has recently celebrated its 35th anniversary with a collaboration of the timeless fashion label Chuck Taylor All Star, which gained huge popularity among the youngster.

With a little mix and match from Stussy, you will surely be an envy of the #ootd (Outfit Of The Day) followers. Check out the most beloved Stussy collections right here at iprice to find the perfect street style just for you.

What else should you know about Stussy?

  • Shawn Stussy and his co-founder met at Mammoth Mountain while they were skiing.
  • The chance that brought Shawn Stussy into the industry was from Russell Surfboards, where he worked as a surfboard shaper. Even after established his world-renowned brand, Shawn still shaped surfboards at S/Double Studio.
  • One of Stussy’s signature design, the Stussy No.4 graphic is actually an ensemble of the iconic Chanel No.5 perfume.
  • The item that made Stussy famous worldwide was their “Big OI S” baseball cap.
  • One of Stussy’s special fan is DJ Jules Gayton. Before he opened Stussy’s Hawaii chapter in 2007, Gayton had to exchange his musical mixtapes for Stussy’s free clothes.
  • The first brand collaboration of Stussy was with G-Shock in 1997, a DW-6900 watch model.
  • Another remarkable collaboration was Stussy x Nike Dunk, introduced in 2001 with 5000 pairs sold globally in just 2 days.
  • Stussy rebranded its lettering style with a new font called Funky Fresh.

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