Amp up your style with streetwear from Stoned and Co Malaysia. This local fashion brand is on par with big-name streetwear brands like Stussy, Supreme, and more. Not only that, Stoned and Co is committed to bringing people together through their unique designs. Find out more about Stoned & Co in the article below.

What products do Stoned and Co have? | Where can I buy the latest Stoned and Co clothes? | What is the price for Stoned Co products?


Stoned and Co Malaysia FAQs

If you’re on the lookout for new streetwear that won’t blow a hole in your budget, consider Stoned and Co. Support local businesses and look fly at the same time with shirts, pants, hats, socks, and more from Stoned and Co.

What products do Stoned and Co have?

Stoned and Co offer t-shirts, shirts, trousers, hoodies, activewear, headwear, footwear, and accessories for people of all genders and ages. These items are all designed meticulously, featuring graphics that are synonymous with the brand’s vision.

Where can I buy the latest Stoned Co clothes?

You can visit a Stoned Co's flagship store located across Klang Valley in Malaysia. You can find their flagship stores at SS15, Lot 10, and Mid Valley. You can also purchase clothes from the brand through stockists around Malaysia or via their official online store.

What is the price for Stoned Co products?

The price for Stoned and Co products are relatively affordable for a streetwear brand. The t-shirt prices are around a few hundred Ringgit Malaysia depending on the collection and designs of the t-shirts. As for headwear and accessories, the headwear and accessories collection of Stoned Co is priced at an affordable price but limited edition collections will be priced at a higher price due to the limited stocks. One of the most expensive Stoned Co products would be their shoes in the Revenge X Storm collection. These shoes are a collaboration collection with the international streetwear brand thus making the shoes to be priced at a high price.

What other brands does Stoned Co have?

Aside from Stoned Co, the Malaysian fashion house also carries labels like Descendant, Incandescence, Stoned Motorsport, and Stoned by Stoned and Co.

How to place an order for Stoned Co products?

If you are purchasing Stoned and Co products and goods online, you can place your orders via Stoned Co's official website. If you encounter any issues placing orders, feel free to reach out to their Customer Service Representative or you can also click on the Live Chat for immediate response and you will be attended. A heads up as you need to register yourself first before placing an order for the first time. The registration process is fast, free, and will save your time for future purchases.

Does Stoned Co ship internationally?

Yes, Stoned Co does ship their products internationally. Shipping fees will be charged to all customers unless free shipping is stated upon checking out. However, even if it's free shipping for international orders, customers must still pay the international duties, taxes, and collection fees charged by your respective local government/customs. These fees are charged by your local government/ customs and are entirely separate from the shipping fees charged by Stoned & Co.