Whether one or by the dozen, pens are considered as a must-have office supply at school or in the office. Grab the best pen sets in Malaysia or read more about the many types of pens below.


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Different Types of Pens

Perhaps one of the most common writing instrument today next to pencils, pens are an essential part of school and office life. Compared to pencils, pens offer a more permanent writing medium using ink to draw or write. Although ink has been used for hundreds of years through quills and dip pens, it is only today that pens have reached a new level of functionality. Like historic pens, there are several types of modern day pens that you need to know about:

Ballpoint Pen

A ballpoint pen is a type of pen that dispenses oil-based ink through a small, hard sphere. The rolling motion distributes the ink through the paper which dries it on contact. It is a flexible writing medium that can be both expensive and inexpensive.

Gel Pen

Instead of having an oil-based ink, gel pens use pigments that are suspended in a water-based gel which provides more opacity even on dark or sleek surfaces.

Rollerball Pen

Initially designed to combine the "smooth" wet ink effect of a fountain pen and a convenience of a ballpoint pen, rollerballs use ballpoint tips but use gel-based ink as with a gel pen. Its watery ink is absorbed better which allows the pen to move easily with any medium.

Mechanical Pen

Instead of dispensing ink like other types of pens, mechanical pencils dispense lead or carbon much like a pencil. What makes it different from a traditional pencil is its casing. Mechanical pens use metal or hard plastic instead of wood like traditional pencils. Aside from that, mechanical pens are refillable compared to pencils.

Fountain Pen

The choice of pen for many calligraphers, fountain pens feature an ink cartridge which supplies ink to the nib or the tip of the pen. Fountain pens can have a wide range of nibs and may be refillable or disposable.

Check-safe pens

If you have a chequebook, a check-safe pen is a must-have. What makes it different from other types of pens is its acid-free ink formula. This prevents ink from being "washed off", preventing check fraud.

Marker or felt-tip pen

Instead of having a tip or nib, markers use a porous or fibrous material to dispense ink. The best thing about marker pens is that you can use a wide range of tips from the thinnest, the thickest or angle, depending on what you need. The best example of a marker pen is a sharpie or a highlighter.

Pens have greatly changed the way we write notes and draw designs. While some fear its disappearance due to today's digital revolution, many are reverting back to writing because of its aesthetic purposes. If you are looking for good quality pens in Malaysia, be sure to check out brands such as Montblanc, Parker, Pilot, Visconti, and so much more!