If you ever enjoy colouring, you can do it with colour pens in Malaysia. Click here to learn about the techniques to achieve the best colouring results with pens.


Techniques to achieve the best colouring results with colour pens

Depending on your preferable stationery to use while colouring, you may experiment with various tools such as colour pens. When used with the right techniques, the results from colouring pens are far more different with the usual colour pencils. Read on to learn about the techniques to achieve the best colouring results with colour pens.

Avoid overlapping lines

Typically, the better the quality of the colour pens the chances you of experiencing overlapping lines will be minimal. Although they are on the pricier side, it is definitely worth it especially if you are colouring in larger areas. The best colour pens to choose are alcohol-based ones as they are great for covering larger areas. Make sure to get it with different nib sizes as the thicker nibs are for larger areas, while the thinner nibs are for the more detailed areas.

Quality pens are recommended as the nibs of the cheaper pens may ‘split’ causing the colours to come out in streaks and can be very frustrating. Furthermore, make sure to always store your pens on a flat surface so that it does not dry out.

Staying in the lines

It may be challenging at times to colour while staying in the lines as it requires lots of patience and practice. The most important factor to stay in the lines while you colour is to be precise. Chances if the pens are going to bleed then do leave a slight gap up to the outline. Try to avoid pressing too hard on the pens as it may also cause it to bleed. So do be a little gentler when you are colouring close to the outline. There are always ways to cover up the mistakes; however it is best to avoid colouring out of the lines.

Quality of paper

Most of the time if you colour from a colouring book, the quality of the paper has already been chosen. On the other hand, if you have a choice, always go for a thicker quality paper. If you decide to make a lovely gift for a friend, you can always print the designs onto the card and colour over it. There are less chances of the colour bleeding particularly on thicker paper. On the plus side, utilizing cards to colour on gives a professional and finished look for your art work.


Blending with colour pencils are more suitable as there is a high chance that it would not bleed. However, if you decide to utilize colour pens for blending, chances are the paper will become saturated and end up ripping. As a rule of thumb, always get professional pens as they are more versatile. These professional pens will help you to blend colours giving your designs more dimension. The trick to doing so is by using a shade or two darker, so that it indicates shadow. Alternatively, using a shade or two lighter will help to indicate tone and light.

If you are looking for other pens to work with, there are a huge variety of pens that could be bought online such as fountain pens, ball point pens, gel pens and many more.