Erasers are something of our Malaysian childhood. Vivid flashbacks to us in school appear when we talk about erasers. Find out how these memories live on today here.


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Erasers – Bringing back childhood memories

When we were young children, some of our prized possessions (besides our toys) were our stationery. Among our favourite stationery were erasers. Often nicknamed “Rubbers” in Malaysia, erasers have been popular collectibles as well as tools to show dominance among peers. The one with the biggest eraser collection will always be the most popular and the most liked student among the rest. This is no surprise as many eraser designs were attractive in colour, texture, print and size. Today, though, erasers are considered to be a necessity only for those who use pencils. Let’s look at what made (..and still does today) erasers popular among Malaysian students.

Playing ‘Eraser game’

Fond memories of our childhood come in the form of the ultimate eraser showdowns held daily in our classroom. Students from across the classroom will gather on one student’s table to watch the match. How the match played out depended on the types of erasers used by the contenders. The best erasers were the flat, larger-surface erasers that are mostly heavy and easily tip over. These erasers keep the other challengers at bay thanks to their epic girth. In each match, the players had to flip their eraser over the other person’s one. If your eraser lands flat on it, you win!

Eraser collections

Besides the epic eraser competitions, many of us took pride in our eraser collections. We amassed dozens, sometimes more than a hundred erasers thanks to our collecting. Our eraser collections added to our status as eraser game champions and gave us the bragging factor. Some erasers that were extremely popular during our childhood were the erasers with country designs on them. The most popular were the ones of our own country. We tried collecting all the countries available in the bookstores. Eventually, the school bookstores had to restock their erasers. For some of us, our eraser collections carried on till high school.

Ink erasers? You gotta be kidding!

While we were still in school, erasers went through an evolution process. Typically, erasers were made for pencils. Later on, erasers were modified to take on ink stains. The only downside to the ink erasers was that they would tear into our paper as soon as we started rubbing it on the ink. This phenomenon became so frequent, most of us started hating on ink erasers.

Erasers today

Flashback to the 90s, erasers took on all shapes and sizes. Today, erasers are practical and easy to use. The ones that are unique in shape and design are mainly for aesthetics or decorations. Some are shaped like pencils and correction pens, while others are shaped like every food or fruits. The modern erasers also cater to a more sophisticated generation of students; students who want their erasers to be mechanically operated with relatively advanced technology. While most of these can be found in bookstores across the country, the best ones are found online. Check out the selection of erasers in Malaysia above.