Notebooks in Malaysia are used for writing, organizing, designing, drawing, scheduling, sketching, and much more. For students, it is an essential office supply to take down notes and lessons. Here is how to select a notebook that’s right for you.

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5 Things to Consider When Looking for the Right Notebook in Malaysia

Notebooks in Malaysia come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials, bindings, weights, covers, line widths, and much more. Whether it’s for office use or writing a diary, you need a notebook to get started before you can begin writing. If you are looking for a notebook that is a pleasure to scribble on and a joy to hold and look at, here are some factors you need to consider.


There is no ideal notebook size, it boils down to how you will use it. But if you’re having a hard time deciding what size to get, then you can go for half-letter and junior legal sizes that are for general purpose. Half-letter is roughly the size of an A5 paper at 8.5x5.5 inches. Junior legal is a smaller version of the legal size at 8x5. If you decide to buy a notebook for office use, then it is best to go for such paper sizes. Letter-sized notebooks, at 8.5x11 inches, are great for school children as they offer enough writing space.


If you already figure out the size, the next thing to look at is the binding. Binding is the way pages are bound together in a notebook. There are several types of binding; the most typical ones are stapled and spiral rings which are commonly found in pocket-sized notebooks and letter-sized notebooks, respectively. Glue-bound notebooks are not ideal for notebook lovers as they are a trouble to lay flat. The same goes for spirals since they get out of shape easily. What most experts recommend is stitched binding that is a mixture of glue and stitching. This style makes the notebook lay totally flat, binds the pages sturdily together, and is lightweight.

Page Count

When it comes to the number of pages, it depends on your preference. If you are unsure of the number of pages you want, then you can go for a notebook that comes with a removable sheet feature. As such allows you to replace and take out pages on its spine. This type of notebook is a favorite amongst notebook aficionados due to its customizability, allowing the user to remove a page with no tears as opposed to spiral notebooks.

Soft or Hard Cover

Another decision notebook buyers have to face is whether to choose a notebook with a soft cover or a hard one. Hardcovers are commonly seen in formal, professional office settings. They are more durable and provide a harder writing surface, allowing you to scribble better on your lap or when you are on the go. On the other hand, soft covers are for practical people as they are very flexible and can be rolled to fit into your pocket.

Page Style

There are three types of page styles – blank, ruled, and gridded. Most notebook lovers prefer a notebook with blank pages as they provide more freedom to write anywhere comp[ared to ruled and gridded types. However, writing on them requires discipline as you will be imagining guiding lines and boundaries to avoid wasted space and disarray. Meanwhile, gridded or graphing paper is suitable for people with tiny handwriting as well as for mathematical and sketching tasks.

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